Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Right now im currently in the writing process im workin on several projects mainly the mixtape Shades of Blu. Wait did i say mixtape i meant to say album Shades of Blu;anyway me changing Shades of Blu to an album made me realize that now im a mixtape short and an album up.

Which means the album needs a mixtape which means i gotta write one to inrtoduce the album.HMMMM this got me thinking about my original mixtape like the first mixtape ever, My first mixtape ever was entitled Sitting on The three train and i wanted to release it but i didnt think the world was ready but now i think its time.

The mixtapes is basically about my life since the ending of senior year all the way till now. By the way im two years removed from highschool so this should be fun lol. Throughout all them years one thing remained consatnt. Every mother loving day I get on the three train, weekends included. AT one point i was living on the three train but i'll save that for the mixtape. Just be on the lookout i want to re touch it up and release because i think the music in that era of time might have been my hardest and maybe my realest and i kno the fans would love it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Truth is said in jest cant knock his work ethic nor his hustle, reccoperating and everybody hates chris been on repeat on the dvr

SHouts out to Usher and Will.I.Am for raping my brain and leaving this song on repeat this song puts me in an instant trance and all i want to think about is Kayla neway

If this was a movie this would be the sickest

Blaine has spoken

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When will it be over

I love drake i think besides me he is the future of rap but i always seems to hate his videos. Not because their whack they just dont seem to creative enough or match the caliber of rapper he is. When you drop a hot single and you have alot of buzz everyone just expects your vids to mind blowing on some jay-z, miachael jackson flo.Best i ever had was popping cause of all the breast, gigiddy but on the real it wasn't really appealing creative wise and he lost alot of fans cause of it, and now over is out and all i can do i smh. O well atleast the song is hot