Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One more reason to be broke

It's no secret im in love with the Mass Effect franchise and in 2011 the final installment of the Mass Effect series will be hitting U.S soil, check the trailer
it looks epic...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Recognize my gangsta ever look back on old cartoon shows and video games you watched/played when you where young, and noticed that there was alot of adult content, themes, and beleifs in them. Well i just happen to be surfing on youtube watching whatever randomly comes up and i saw a retake on the mario brothers.

Now i dont care what nobody says mario brothers is video games at their best. Simple enough for everyone to play but yet challenging enough to give hardcore gamers the rush they need. Mario concept is simple two plumbing brothers mario & luigi are no longer content with plumbing so they go on an adventure for coins and mushrooms.(i see as MONEY AND DRUGS)... On the search for coins and mushrooms they take coins and mushrooms from the mushroom kingdom which belongs to bowser.

BOWSER = KingPin.

Bowser takes marios girl Princess Peach who wears all pink and is of the utmost importance in marios life.

Princess Peach = Pussy why beacuse Pussy is power... so is drugs and money...
they can get you respect...then its up to you to play chess and keep it...

see people fail to see Mario's a pimp he's not letting nobody disrespect him and take his Peach...remove the P and add a B to peach lol

now you might be saying D you wilding like really....this is what you really see when u look at Mario Brothers??? Duh sit back and pay attention