Thursday, November 17, 2011

Take Care

Drake released his much anticipated sophomore album Take Care. For the most part the album is fire it an eccentric blend between hardcore lyrics and alcholic rants filled with emotional tantrums and regret. The album has features from Young Money /Cash Money talents like Wayne,Nikki Minaj and Baby, and also some surprises like Andre 3000, Stevie Wonder,Kendrick lamar,Rick Ross, Rihanna and The Weekend.

Overall the album is fire and appeals to the female audience but a lot of the male listeners are starting to view the Young Money Emcee as softer than a baby tush cleaned with Johnson and Johnson. Drakes leaves himself very vulnerable and come across as a captain Save a hoe mixed with a up and coming "Underground King".(that song is fire.)

Take care sounds like two albums put together but only because Drake tries to be two different artist. One minute he's singing like the Dream the next he's going H.A.M on a track with Wayne. I believe the R&B track where tough there was just one to many on the album, people expect a lot from Drake and as a rapper / fan of his music I expect a lot as well. Unfourtently i have no suggestions for him because its hard to correct someone like Drake. Even when he fails he lands on a pile of money. So I tip my hat off and expect to hear more from this young money millionaire.

Peep the album yourself tell me what you think
my faves

Lord Knows ft . Rick Ross Produced by Just Blaze

We'll be fine

Crew Love ft The Weekend

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Whats New

The female U.s Soccer team lost to Japan,the NFL is locked out the NBA is locked out and Mass effect 3 doesnt come out till March smh. O well what can you do but stay true and lisetn to music. On the radio for the most part all i hear is brittney spears,usher,justin beiber,chris brown,rihanna,drake,nikki,wayne,and ross. There is alot of pop records out there and when you go clubbing i mean no offense white people clubbing you hear a lil bit of everything.... heres what i been feeling lately

all this music makes me want to go

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beautiful People

Real talk im a huge fan of music...lately theres been a lot of songs thats been hitting the right notes with me mentally.
One of the artist whose been in heavy rotation in my iphobe has been Chris Brown. It's nice to see him overcome the era he's been going through with the whole Rihanna situation, thats not to sleep on Rihanna either i heard she has broken a record with being on the top charts for a long period of my next blog i might talk a little about the changes in my life but until then peep the music vids to the song im pretty sure your alraedy listening to.

P.S i love Rihannas new song S&M but as much as i love sexy slutty grown woman rihanna i see alot of young girls like 10-17 singing that song and its kinda distrubing.....

but who gives a fluff

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New days new challenges

A couple of days ago i was having a deep convo with one of my cuzzos and he said something that was truly shrewd. He said" the older we get the more serious,dangerous,and fun life becomes. After telling me an interesting story about how one of my homeboys left his girl stranded in the middle of nowhere and she ended up calling my cuzzo in tears, he asked me would that have happen last year? My reply probably not cause last year we wasn't on the flow we are this year. His reply exactly!!!!

As we get older are problems will evolve with us and be in exact proportions to what we put in. Our convo then seemed to garvitate to woman as it usually does and musicsoulchild "So beautiful" came on . He asked me another question how many people truly find this type of love in are day and age? People throw the word love around way to casually and people start relationships way to young. Most teens start dating/casual sex before they even get to age where they have matured enough to take care and get to know who they are as an individual. When you add in another person plus there feelings/expectations thats when battle scars occur.I mean most people start relationships and dont even know why or how to have a stable relationship.

I mentioned earlier "Battle scars" because I truly beleive love is war. To keep a relationship working theres alot of stuff that the couple will have to face together.
In this converstaition I realized that we are getting older and as you get older you should mature with your age like fine wine you should get better with time. So I took a bow for my childhood and now I am fully committed to taking on the world and its challeges as a mature adult. Now im on my J.cole flow when it comes to relationships though lol ... are you confused?????

Sunday, March 13, 2011

niggas droppin videos like its w/e

whats on my zune nowadays awesome beats and stuff like this

Friday, January 28, 2011

Listening to music cause mines is coming soon

im not ahser roth but i love college
Gettin’ brain in the library cause I love knowledge
When you use your Medulla Oblongata
And give me scoliosis until I comatoses
And do it while I sleep yeah a little osmosis
And that’s my commandment you ain’t gotta ask Moses

really kanye...really Blaine

lately i been listening to music beacuse when i write i dont listen to anything...
hint hint (i been writing)

I got some projects lined up and first is Penthouse suite...this project could easily be an album like im talking industry album but the first one is always free...

look for it late march twenty eleven

its free cause im trying to get ya'll hooked so ya'll will never leave, cause really nobody does it better than me lol. Penthouse suite is actually a story about a young man named Chris who used his talents to find success.Dealing with success is what the story/ music is about; the changes that he goes through from living in public housing to the penthouse how will that change affect his mind, his freinds, girls, money,can he handle it?,...what will you give to get it and how far will you go to keep it????

I mean anybody whose sucessful will tell you the corporate world or white collar world is the same thing as the gutter or blue collar world just with fancier shoes

find out young chris decisions in Penthouse Suite... (Sweet)

by the way i said i been listening to music

for the ladies gigiddy

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


real talk i had this idea before it dropped but then again i heard this song been around since imagine how stuff woulda been if this dropped in o3...i ussually dont do this but gotta give props where props is do detox is sounding RIDICULOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heres the single for you