Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New days new challenges

A couple of days ago i was having a deep convo with one of my cuzzos and he said something that was truly shrewd. He said" the older we get the more serious,dangerous,and fun life becomes. After telling me an interesting story about how one of my homeboys left his girl stranded in the middle of nowhere and she ended up calling my cuzzo in tears, he asked me would that have happen last year? My reply probably not cause last year we wasn't on the flow we are this year. His reply exactly!!!!

As we get older are problems will evolve with us and be in exact proportions to what we put in. Our convo then seemed to garvitate to woman as it usually does and musicsoulchild "So beautiful" came on . He asked me another question how many people truly find this type of love in are day and age? People throw the word love around way to casually and people start relationships way to young. Most teens start dating/casual sex before they even get to age where they have matured enough to take care and get to know who they are as an individual. When you add in another person plus there feelings/expectations thats when battle scars occur.I mean most people start relationships and dont even know why or how to have a stable relationship.

I mentioned earlier "Battle scars" because I truly beleive love is war. To keep a relationship working theres alot of stuff that the couple will have to face together.
In this converstaition I realized that we are getting older and as you get older you should mature with your age like fine wine you should get better with time. So I took a bow for my childhood and now I am fully committed to taking on the world and its challeges as a mature adult. Now im on my J.cole flow when it comes to relationships though lol ... are you confused?????

Sunday, March 13, 2011

niggas droppin videos like its w/e

whats on my zune nowadays awesome beats and stuff like this