Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beautiful People

Real talk im a huge fan of music...lately theres been a lot of songs thats been hitting the right notes with me mentally.
One of the artist whose been in heavy rotation in my iphobe has been Chris Brown. It's nice to see him overcome the era he's been going through with the whole Rihanna situation, thats not to sleep on Rihanna either i heard she has broken a record with being on the top charts for a long period of my next blog i might talk a little about the changes in my life but until then peep the music vids to the song im pretty sure your alraedy listening to.

P.S i love Rihannas new song S&M but as much as i love sexy slutty grown woman rihanna i see alot of young girls like 10-17 singing that song and its kinda distrubing.....

but who gives a fluff