Friday, June 29, 2012

So You Want To Be Hardcore

Biggie A.K.A The Notorious B.I.G is arguably one of the best to ever do it in the Hip-Hop industry and with my man Woody dropping A Biggie remix cd I thought this would be a perfect time to leak a song from that project...Enjoy

While you here catch the two for one special

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Somes things change and some things dont

but most things do It's been a while since i posted here because honestly i been busy...I'm really excited for what the future holds..YMCMB started following me on youtube (shocked)...some random producer said he's a fan and emailed me 105 banging beats (hyped)... i networked with a couple people that have industry connects and i've been entering a musical zone in which i feel like im beginning to master my craft.Would like to do some song writing/ ghost writing for people and slowly build my money up and go independant but who knows, if a good deal comes around who knows. Until then I'm just enjoying the ride.(writing,rhyming,delivery,producing,enginering,singing,making money etc etc) In other news YMCMB and Good Music is having a cold war of sorts,so is Hot 97 and YMCMB.Drake and Chris Brown had an altercation in a club(possibly over Rihanna),and Kanye and Kim Kardasian are an item (she freaking bought Ye a lambo. Lamboghini MERCY). MMG is putting in work with a new Rick Ross album dropping soon (God Forgives I dont) and Meeek Millz new mixtape is fire(DreamChasers 2).There are rumors that Rihanna is getting sent to rehab,and the Miami Heat vs Okc are tied 1-1...Theres alot of drama going on so what you been plugged into lately this is just a taste of my world?