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Best Of The Best Mixtape : The New Stars

Are you a Megastar 

Best of the Best is a monthly mixtape that gives fans a mixtape with the best artist in the game (major and indie) on a leveled platform to showcase their music and be heard. In partnership with God Era Music, Black RollingStones, Thisis50 and MTV, here's a chance to meet some of the artist who made Vol. 1 a smash hit.

Before we start we want to give a major shout out to C Styles he's an A&R for Coke Boys &; the Senior Marketing Director for Coke Boys South.  Check out the video 10 rules on how to get in the game. He showed a lot of love with the mixtapes drops and showing support. Huge Thanks and Props to him.

TAMBA KONGOH represents Maryland and is one of the best out of the DMV music scene..  As a matter of fact his album 1st SAMPLE showcase his talent as the best rap musician in Hip hop providing street anthems such as PARANOIA, melodic tunes like "DO u..?" and the Rep your culture track THIS THAT AFRICAN produced by Atlanta-super-producer, Mikewillmadeit.


Young Mike D Montanna is straight outta Harlem and has consistently been grinding and perfecting his craft. He's been building his  fan base and feels now
is the time to shake up his city and the 
music industry with his unique harlem 
swag and his undeniable affinity for riding beats and making great music. Peep his song Harlem below and make sure you play it at high volumes.

Coolin Cam

Coolin Cam The Young T- MAC of the game...his bars and style is as nice as a self alley opp off the back board. Coolin Cam has been killing the streets with his mixtape N.D.O. (No Days Off) and is back for more previewing his songs from his new mixtape Roses on the Dashboard exclusively on Best Of The Best mixtape. Salute to the Street King Coolin Cam.

June Drama 

June Drama a man thats about that action. His latest single Come at Your Wake Feat A Thug lets those who beef with him that after they body you they'll come to your wake and send a few more shots to ya. Peep the graphic video below

Lynette AKA Harlem 

Born in Harlem in the early 80s (Hints to her stage name Harlem) Lynette "Harlem" Brown knew from an early age that she wanted to grace the stage and entertain people through music. Although she realized her dream career at an early age, It wasn't until she heard the singer/actress Brandy Norwood's song "I Wanna Be Down" that got her to began her chase to enter the world of entertainment. Although she had many unsuccessful ventures to get her start, she doesn't see them as such. Harlem likes to  refer to unsuccessful attempts as her paid dues. She feels that her failures were personal and professional life lesson. She says she is now in the place God meant for her to be in before she reaches a high level of success that she is sure she will achieve. She is now introducing herself to the world with her first single written by her title "I Won't". Its a genre of music she likes to refer to as Jamerican music. What is Jamerican music? Harlem says, Its an American flow with Caribbean rhythms!!! 

Sun God

Born Melvin Green AKA Sun GOD was born in Jamaica West Indies and migrate to Harlem U.S. at an early age His passion for music and poetry has open his vision to see life from a much deeper level above the common norms of everyday reality. While walking on 125 street Harlem N.Y. He heard a firery hip hop track blazing  from a car speaker  and decide he have to get that CD right away. Not realizing that the infamous A- thugga was on his music grind and the introduction was introduce to his music label “Black Rolling Stones” and Megastar production.

9 Munce

Born and raised in nyc with Caribbean roots Nyn munce comes with a sound that could have only been forged in the melting pot itself. His versatility is hard to categorize but is definitely a distinct combination of hip contemporary rap and classic gritty underground lyricism giving him the ability to blur the lines between old school new school as well as commercial and conscious rap music. He is currently featured on the black rolling stones catalog as will be releasing an ep summer of 2016.

World Peace

Is an artist and a poet who likes to show it...ahhh see what i did there. But nah World Peace def has a spiritual vibe about him check his bio...
Native to the earth.
Where I Come from inside my mother womb.
I'm a son of a widow.
"I grew up listening to a lot of music." I'm a 70's baby".
I listen to the last poets.
Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Biggie Smalls, 2Pac, Nas, Lord Finest.
I get rhythm from my pop, and my style from my grand dad Harry Starling from Panama.
I'm not creating or reinventing the wheel. 
I'm just adding on to the different layers of the wheel.
And that's the music I bring.
A message that's universal. Me telling the story in my own way, in my own words.
I don't just do music. 
I write stories poems etc.
I want to give thanxx to all, specially my wife for helping me in my trial and tribulations and my little man Za!
I love my new family and the one's that are on the way

I say peace and love to you all. Shout to my family and everyone who support me, I return the love.

A Thug 

His passion for music runs deep, strengthened by his life experiences and growth. Using trial and tribulation, A Thug has perfected his grind as well as his business sense and drive to reach his full potential as artist and business man. Here his hit single Baddie Queen 



 Rebalwitacause: a brooklyn born Mc Founder of homeless
wreckordz.....rebalvision llc....concious, hiphop...artist ....Nu new
york movement page blakksmoke_channel
.....soundcloud rebalwitacause page instagram darealrebal. ....

Blakk Jakk: Brooklyn born MC....homeless wreckordz artist....

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New Drake "Controlla" Feta Popcaan

Listen To “Controlla” By Drake Featuring Popcaan
We’re just days away from April and Drake‘s Views From The 6 album is almost here. Prepare yourself for what’s to come with an early listen of “Controlla” featuring Popcaan from the highly anticipated Drake album. Much like “Work“, this one features that Jamaican vibe.

Drake – Owe Me feat  K Zeus

Drake My Side Views From the 6 Version

Monday, March 28, 2016

PartyNextdoor just stole his ex and Kyrie Irvings girls

Riddle me this: If Kehlani cheated on Kyrie Irving with PartyNextDoor in a forest, did it still happen?

It doesn’t matter, everyone saw it anyway.

Twitter erupted on Monday afternoon after PartyNextDoor, who is signed to Drake’s OVO Sound record label and happens to be Kehlani’s ex, posted a pictured on Instagram with Irving’s girlfriend in his bed.

PND, as he’s commonly referred to as, wasn’t low key about it, either. The artist has yet to delete the picture from his Instagram, meaning anyone with Internet access can see it.

Basically, Kyrie Irving just got cheated on in front of literally everyone. OUCH.

What makes the picture worse is Kehlani and Kyrie were so public with how much they love each other, it’s impossible to ignore the irony.

Just last month, Kehlani posted this Instagram post celebrating the “first Valentine’s Day of many” with her NBA boyfriend.

PND is a savage

And the fact that PND just came out with a song called “Come and See Me” (to which Kehlani obediently obliged)…

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

'NBA 2K17' updates:Everything To Know So Far About NBA2K17

The end of an era & the beginning of another

The current banner game of 2K Sports, "NBA 2K16" is one of the most popular and most-played games since its release last year. However, there are still changes needed in the game that should be incorporated in "NBA 2K17."

Reigning MVP Stephen Curry has not only been living up to his title, but continues to play most of his games very well, such that his current avatar in "NBA 2K16" does not reflect his actual performance in the court. With this, an enhanced virtual version of the player is expected in the next iteration of the game.

Mike Wang, gameplay director of 2K games, admitted to Forbes that they are still looking into options on how to reflect his actual on-court performance into the video game, reported Tech Times. The Golden State Warriors player has been shooting in unusual and long ranges for three points, such that he breaks the conventional "expectations" for a three-point shot.

He revealed, "He's a 'rule breaker' when it comes to jump shooting... He becomes a problem in the video game world where we've been trying to train our gamers [to know] that certain types of shots should be rewarded versus others."

At the moment, no release date has been announced for "NBA 2K17," but it is expected to be launched around the fall season of the NBA season 2016 to 2017.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that the cover of the upcoming game is being pondered upon as to whether it will carry Curry or retiring Los Angeles Lakers player, Kobe Bryant. At the moment, fans are reportedly more geared toward Curry, but there are also rumors that it may feature two options so that players can choose their preferred player. 

Though Steph Curry was favored it seems Paul George has swooped in for the win and will be the star athlete on the cover of NBA 2k17 along with Kobe Bryant who is on the legend edition copy of the game. 

"NBA 2K16" was released last Sept. 29 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, and Android platforms. The upcoming game will most likely be available for the same platforms upon release.

Rumors that NBA 2K17 might be delayed have at the moment proven to be false. The reason for the potential delay was the development team was attempting to fix balance issues with the Golden State Warriors team. This offseason the Warriors acquired Free Agent Super Star Kevin Durant which would potentially put 4 90 rating players in a starting line up.

Also NBA 2K17 has a huge focus on the Olympic teams and seems to be  a selling point this year boasting the famed Dream Team Olympic squad and the current Olympic team playing in Brazil.Peep the trailer below which features both teams going at it...


The NBA 2k17 Soundtrack and Guest Artist Have been revealed

Peep The Tracklist Below

There are 50 songs on the soundtrack, including Drake's "Pop Style" and "Heart of the City (Ain't No Love)" by Jay-Z. OutKast's "Rosa Parks" and the Imagine Dragons song "Friction" are also on it.

Heres the Spotify Link to the entire playlist:

Monday, March 21, 2016

Ben Affleck Confirms Young Metro Trusts Batman, Not Superman

With the arrival of Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice now just days away, one of society's most contentious debates finally reaches its mainstream breaking point: Which classic DC hero would earn Metro Boomin's life-saving trust? Ben Affleck, he of the thankfully fake back tattoo, addressed this existential inquiry during a recent interview with GlobalGrind's BlogXilla.

"I think Young Metro definitely has to reach out and trust Batman," Affleck said when asked whether Metro Boomin would instill his trust in either Superman or Batman. "Don’t you think? Batman is a little bit more like a man of the people. Superman is a little aloof, distant, far away. You can't trust that." Indeed, Ben Affleck. Indeed.

Metro Boomin wasted little time issuing a formal response to Affleck's theory, confirming its accuracy:

Of course, Affleck isn't the first person to publicly weigh in on who exactly Metro Boomin should (or shouldn't) trust and what one should expect should that trust not be secured. Dr. Ben Carson, former presidential candidate, sleepily told us back in February that anyone not earning Boomin's trust should instead seek to understand the source of those friendship-ruining doubts:

What Happened To School Boy Q?


Browse, and you'll see that the Internet is littered with a few arguments that ScHoolboy Q is, on the low, the most interesting member of TDE, better than even the golden child Kendrick Lamar. Most of these arguments span 2012 through summer 2013, until Big Sean released "Control," featuring Kendrick Lamar, who humiliated his peers. After that coup, Kendrick was Superman. "Kendrick Lamar is everybody's favorite rapper," Q told Fuse in 2013. "That's my brother, I love him to death, but I'm better than all them niggas in Black Hippy."

Some of us here agree. Writing for us a couple years ago, the critic Dave Bry proposed that ScHoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar "are diametrically opposed in style and tone," with Q hanging as loose as Keith Richards, "about as far from tight as a human being can get." Kendrick Lamar, in contrast, is "a high-strung classist."

Me, personally: I'm uptight. Maybe that explains why I prefer Kendrick by a wide margin, especially now that the obsessive introspection and self-immolation of To Pimp a Butterfly has set a new high score for "high-strung" hip-hop. Still, I do wonder where the hell this nigga ScHoolboy Q has slid off to. Ideally, he's just been too busy raising his young daughter. In which case: good on him for taking a break from us.

We're fans, however, selfish by nature. We require new music. Since Top Dawg is outchea fabricating studio scuffles between Kendrick and Q in order to get the latter rapper's name back into the mix, I'm hoping this at least means that the label is preparing to rollout a new ScHoolboy Q album, a mixtape, a single—something. My spirit is ready. We spent last year listening to relatively tense, paranoid projects from Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock. I, for one, am eager to hear a change of pace and tone from TDE's freest libertine spirit.

For a while, you might could've made a case that TDE was, pound-for-pound, project-for-project, the strongest clique in the game. This was a few years back, in 2012, when TDE was firing on almost all cylinders: ScHoolboy Q dropped Habits & Contradictions at the top of the year, Ab-Soul released Control System in the spring, and then Kendrick Lamar dropped good kid, m.A.A.d city in the fall. This was before TDE signed Isaiah Rashad, but when Jay Rock's buzz was still loud. This was back when any given member of Black Hippy might've been, or might've become, your favorite rapper.

The state of play has changed; the rankings have shuffled, and Kendrick Lamar now eclipses the field. More than anyone else in Black Hippy, ScHoolboy Q is overdue for renewal. His three hit singles from Oxymoron aside, Q has yet to drop another project that feels as fully imaginative and robust as his 2012 album, Habits & Contradictions. Now that he's taken such a long, presumably rejuvenating break from prominence—and now that he's settled into hip-hop's esteemed dad class—it'd be interesting to hear his updated perspective on drug culture, lean addiction, fatherhood, and whatnot.

In general, TDE could stand to show some hi-powered, hit-making solidarity these days, à la YMCMB on Nicki Minaj's last few hit singles, or Dreamville on any given day. With Kendrick Lamar having blown the fuck up in the years between then and now, the stakes have shot higher and higher for ScHoolboy Q—and for the rest of Black Hippy—in 2016.

Then this happened

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Frederick Douglass Academy located located on 148th and  Adam Clayton Powell was a breeding ground for talented students who expressed their art in the form of music.

This fertile land was only stimulated even further by having a music studio in the infamous room 335. Having a fully operation music studio in a high school that's not devoted to music is kind of weird but the sheer amount of talent that was cultivated over the years in that studio has been nothing short of remarkable. Here's a quick list of some of the talent that walked through that school and studio.

"Charles Hamilton" (CHUCK/ Mr. HAMileTon)

Most Famous for signing with Interscope and dropping Surprise Hit Brooklyn Girls Charles carreer has been a interesting journey which has him currently signed to Republic Records and dropping tracks with Rita Ora 

"Yung Nate" (THE GREAT)

This fiery bashful and unapologetic artist stays in rotation by the bloggers and consistently stays true to the culture of what it means to be a rapper from New York. Nate & Charles used to double team audiences like Batman & Superman back in the day. 

"Showtufli" (ToFly)

ShowTufli is the Steph Curry of the game...potential unlimited; the baby faced assassin...He's been dropping some heat and his latest single is produced by OVO producer Boi-da...

"Y. Rome"  (Y.Dot/Rome)

This next artist is about to blow up ya'll have no idea. One of the dopest person to watch perform & Music Labels is in his DM. It's honestly just a matter of time He's gone change the game like Kanye,Drake, & Kudi  did...Shout out Universal lol. He's prolly tearing it up @SXSW in AUSTIN TEXAS right now...

"Izaiah" (Clinton)

Izaiah is the voice sent from heaven...gravitating to singing Gospel music he's an excellent musician in his own right and currently releasing music independently but he's obviously doing something right he was recently seen singing the national Anthem at The Brooklyn Nets game during the Playoffs.

"Vinyl Rock" (Killa T/ T-REXX/Project Aim/T.Stewart)

The lost child turned into a boss then a monster ... He started off as the lovable goof with a passion for expressing his woes in music but life has matured him into his own man. Recently dropping two fiyah mixtapes from The Walk, Allumni Swagger, To his latest Concrete Jungle Vinyl Rock AKA Killa T has been taking over LONG ISLAND By Force...Life has forced him to Boss up and that power has been refined to monstrous levels...Godzilla is coming just wait on it

"K Zeus" (King Blaine/David Blaine/Dirty D)

THE GOD OF MUSIC & Olympus. Zeus operates Under the belief that music is all about a feeling and when he drops music and performs its like a riot starter because it's always fire. Adopting KanYe's Graduation Philosphy K Zeus makes STADIUM MUSIC . Vinyl Rock & K Zeus is the fire and Ice tag team combination  and there hasn't been a FDA tag team more potent since Nate & Charles.

 The Album Legend Od Zeus is coming soon  and he already has some dope features from Childish Gambino,Chance The Rapper, Tinashe, Route 94 and more. Zeus, Rome, & Vinyl Rock are the Holy Trinity (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades) brothers attacking different facets of the music industry. Killa T got the soulful music , Wavy Rome makes that wavy zone out turn up music , & Zeus is all about that commercial stadium hop.

Check out his Single Suicide Squad

Quazee (Q)

Peep Game

Quazee was always into the old school hip hop flow and he's one of the artist that actually has the skill to pull it off in today's rap game. You can't knock whats real. This guy is a wordsmith and when you hear him you got no choice but to blaze up and zone out. BARS something the game has been missing.

Mike Mitch (SCHWANG KING/ Ice Man)

Mike Mitch was swag. Now that brother is a class act. He is an outstanding person works hard and naturally with age like wine  he just keeps better. Telling lyrical stories,  pointing out social injustices within his community and people, he is a strong educated black man and no doubt will inspire others to follow the same path. B.A.R.S he a pretty good baller to.

Chris Bradshaw (LIVE)

Chris Live is at the Kanye West stage where he just lived in his studio making beats and songs like a hermit. Not only is he doing that but he is also is still finding time to do shows  and get followed by Labels on Twitter. Money is definitely in his future because he's so talented off the production alone, but add on the fact that he's a good rapper and has a voice and yea as Anthony Mackie use to say on the Captain America Winter Solider Set...CUT THE CHECK!!!!! For real listen how he chops the track below.

"Faze" (Fizzle)

Tayvon and Tayshaun hit it off playing the drums in the band, and samba, but then it got lethal when Faze started hitting the rhymes and poetry. and Tay started making the beats. Faze is one of the few guys i dont want to see in a battle...Em Rap God Flow. Plus he's also a poet a pretty damn good one at that.

"Sha-leik" (The Engineer)

BEATS FOR DAYS Producing Heat For the whole 335 nation and artist like CHarles Hamilton, Young money artist Jae Millz, Das Rascit, and more. Sha-leik has a unique way of flipping samples and making beats from another planet, that take artist to a very different creative space...the results usually volcano fire marinated in the earths core.

"Bella Vee" (Queen V)

One of the few woman to grace this list this girl is nasty on the mic. She got the looks, she got the swag, and she got the bars to really be a force in a male dominated field. She's going to not only challenge the female queen of rap but she's putting her bid in for the kings as well... check her style, check check check it out

"Corpy" (Corporate)

The hardest working man i know. He run his own business, has a job and he always finds time to get his hand into what ever money making opportunities  available while maintaining his focus and craftsmanship to his music. From running web documentaries to speaking real facts one of his rants was sampled on Childish Gambino's track Centipede .While definitely eccentric he is also very skilled and does not half step when it comes to putting in work.

Friday, March 4, 2016


To Artist & Musicians

Expanding on the idea of promoting signed and unsigned artist through social media outlets. God Era Music, B.R.S &; MegastarBrand ©. are hosting a mix tape called Best of the Best. It's a monthly mix tape that will put a spotlight on unsigned and up and coming artist while  also featuring them with hottest current artist (i.e Future, Drake, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj etc.)  This mix tape, and the unsigned artist will be featured on  and shouted out on

If you are interested on being featured on this tape 

1. Email the one song, you want featured on the tape to,

2. In the email include (one) picture of yourself one that you would like to be used on the different sites.

3. A brief paragraph (one) of who you are and what you represent as an artist, and your future goals,projects,shows,tours.

4. Links to your sites (Twitter,Facebook,Instagram,Youtube or your Soundcloud).

The price to be featured on this mix tape and the websites  is 25$ dollars. This charge is just to cover the fee for shouting you and your music on these different sites. If you are interested after you've sent your song that you want featured and your information to, or you will be sent a link to pay or an invoice through paypall for 25$. 

If you have any questions feel free to call 914-815-6988 or email or