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I read it and wanted to share it

OMG...Jizz in My pants

Note:* Lola Luv can catch it any day I remember when I first saw the Wonder Woman video.I was harmonizing with Trey singing WHOOOO-o-oOAHHHH R UUUUU ??? Lol but Lola Lane brings up an interesting discussion because she's obviously got some enhancement and augmentations going on lol. So heres something i read and enjoyed maybe you'll like it to


Recently, I was sent a few pictures of Angel Lola Luv. More specifically, I was sent pictures of Angel Lola Luvs' ass. Now I enjoy a sizable ass as much the next guy but there's a line. Accompanying these pictures were comments from a few men responding with such gems as "DAMN I wouldnt mind infiltrating that" and "wow...anal please".

Ive found that the use of "infiltrate" in this manner is probably the most optimal use of that word.

But upon viewing it, two thoughts immediately crossed my mind:

How could she possibly wipe her ass properly?
The heat and sweat that builds up during the day must create a most horrendous smell toward the end of the night

It then dawned on me that somewhere in the course of human history (possibly in the last two decades or so) the likes and dislikes of men have been defined so specifically and they often overtake basic logic. In that we somehow dont even question what we like any more. A strange, baffling concept that makes us want women whose most notable features could prevent them from having good hygiene qualities.

When I was little and long nails were "in", my uncle forbid his daughter to get them because he felt that she wouldnt be able to clean her vagina properly. Same idea. True story.

There are many things we could blame for such a thing. For the sake of not making this too long, Im going to sit in my vacuum and say porn could be a rather large, hilarious part. Porn, over the years, has changed the way men view sex*. The most potent example of bizarre aspects of culture being glorified in such a way to make us want things that in essence no one truly "likes" in any logical sense outside of maybe basic novelty. Like Angel's gross ass.

Take cumming in a girls face for example. There's no logical or, should I say, tangible reason for anyone to enjoy doing this**. The closest explanation anyone could muster is as follows:

Men tend to like it because of the feeling of dominance and power (could there be any other reason...) and women tend to like it because the guy likes it (could there be any other reason...)

which is pretty ironic when you think about it. (Cannon) lol

But Ive tried this and immediately realized that it is very much an "in the moment" type of act. Afterwards I went through a roller-coaster 'o' emotion. Feeling amused because it just looked funny. Feeling glad because I didnt get any in her hair...

because as I understand, doing this is amongst the rudest things you can do to a girl during sex...***

Then feeling rather disgusted and immediately wanting her to go wash her face. Cant say I "liked" it.

Though Im hesitant to apply this thinking to the act of swallowing. I, personally, like when women do it because I dont have to worry myself with cleaning up. And Id like to think that women see it as a game of "what will it taste like this time". But again... I could be alone on that one.

I once got "Golden Crisps" and I must say Im STILL riding the high off of that one.

But the same thinking could be applied to anal. Ive tried it, and all I got out of it was a smelly penis and a girl in pain. A friend of mine tried it, made the horrific mistake of pulling out too fast and ... its contents spilled out all over his couch and floor.


Perhaps we are just re-volving. Going back to our animalistic roots and returning to time that made more sense. The good ol' days where the word taboo didnt exist and you didnt have to hide the fact that, despite being repulsed by it, youd seen the 2girls 1cup video roughly every day for the last 2 weeks with no regret.

* could you imagine anyone sitting around considering peeing on someone else without SOME sort of influence?
** except maybe that we arent truly supposed to enjoy it all
*** ...other than saying you were about to cum while actually planning to punch her in the face instead

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Trey SoNgZ-Wonder Woman

o snap drake was in this vid