Thursday, July 29, 2010

Been taking it one day @ a time

Haven't been blogging lately because i been busy nothing really new to blog about. I finished writing the first instalaation of unsigned hype,chucks in a mental hospital, and i think i might start recording n drop some new stuff next week. We shall see lol. I always say that phrase " We shall see" . I want to know if it is possible to get some old connections with some of my freinds back. I never burnt bridges just haven't walked across them in ages. O yea new Kudi and Ye called ERASE ME check it out and yea

Blaine out

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Phase II .0

Back Fall

Phase II

"we all want what we can't have"

Not sure who uttered those words first but I must strongly disagree.During Phase I of my life I knew what i wanted but wasn't sure how to get it.My life was a walking disaster, broken hearts, bad grades, low income, etc,etc. When I think about the words quoted above i started to ponder why? Why cant I have what I want ? Whats preventing me from doing and being what I want to be? As I thought about these questions it then dawned on me like the sun embracing ones face through a window. The answer was me.

Thoughout life it has always and will always be up to me as to how far I can go and how much I can acheive.I from this day forth shall never put limits on how much i can acheive. Self discipline is something i have lacked in a past but i have become extremely detrmined to do what i was meant to do> TYo enrich peoples lives by living my own life to the best of my abilities. All I veiw alot of things in a different persepective, I have written dopwn all my goals and instead of stopping there way to acheive those goals and also steps and deadlines for those goals as to keep myself active.

Time management is key and learning how to prioritize is essential. once i embarked on the quest of prioritizing and managing my time my effiecency tripled by 100 %. Task that I thought to be to difficult are now handled with ease. Maybe this is what they call growing up. If so then Im saying hello to Phase II of my life. To sum it up when someone asks me how am i am doing? I can honestly reply Im fine Im doing good!!!

Phase II snitches lol

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Loves the support

Interesting i was searching youtube early in the morn and i came across one of my songs. I dont even remember putting it out but the fact that someone liked it enough to make it a vid on youtube is cool lol so here u go