Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One more reason to be broke

It's no secret im in love with the Mass Effect franchise and in 2011 the final installment of the Mass Effect series will be hitting U.S soil, check the trailer
it looks epic...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Recognize my gangsta ever look back on old cartoon shows and video games you watched/played when you where young, and noticed that there was alot of adult content, themes, and beleifs in them. Well i just happen to be surfing on youtube watching whatever randomly comes up and i saw a retake on the mario brothers.

Now i dont care what nobody says mario brothers is video games at their best. Simple enough for everyone to play but yet challenging enough to give hardcore gamers the rush they need. Mario concept is simple two plumbing brothers mario & luigi are no longer content with plumbing so they go on an adventure for coins and mushrooms.(i see as MONEY AND DRUGS)... On the search for coins and mushrooms they take coins and mushrooms from the mushroom kingdom which belongs to bowser.

BOWSER = KingPin.

Bowser takes marios girl Princess Peach who wears all pink and is of the utmost importance in marios life.

Princess Peach = Pussy why beacuse Pussy is power... so is drugs and money...
they can get you respect...then its up to you to play chess and keep it...

see people fail to see Mario's a pimp he's not letting nobody disrespect him and take his Peach...remove the P and add a B to peach lol

now you might be saying D you wilding like really....this is what you really see when u look at Mario Brothers??? Duh sit back and pay attention

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

someone had to say it

I was dying when i saw this but hey it is true

shout out wo willow her parents aren't gonna milk this lovely i know i would if i could

Saturday, September 25, 2010


To be honest as far as Hip-hop/rap goes Hov may be my biggest influence...Period. If I made it to the game Hov would be like my favorite uncle; the one you'd admire,aspire to be,dont understand, but respect and listens to whenever he speaks. Hovito has brithed alot of artist....maybe thats why he calls himself HOVE.

Jay-z has been so consistent it makes you wonder "will he ever fall off"."NO". (A million by Jay- Z) The fascination with Hov is in his accomplishements. He's Married to R&B/ pop supernova Beyonce Knowles,he's a potential billionaire sporting his own label, clothing lines,survived battles with the greats and has worked with the greats, Biggie,Mike jackson, Mary J. Blidge, Nas, 11 number one albums, etc etc. He's so successful that he's become the ideal rapper the most loved, feared, and hated.

"You either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian."

People want to see him fall...guess you cant get to a million freinds and not make enemies. Since Jay-z is undoubtly one of the hip hop greats if you listen to his stuff you can see him transitioning to another phase in his carreer...The living legend / walking deadman...Haters want his demise they demand it!!!! Fourtanetly his lyrics suggest that he will not go out without a fight and why should he...he;s Hov. Lets see if the jigga man will survive the scrutiny.

"You want respect go up to the biggest dude and make his head crack"
"After i did it pops knew I'd be a spitting image"

Also peep

Free mason Rick Ross ft. Hov
Im so Appalled Kanye west ft. Jay-z

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Been taking it one day @ a time

Haven't been blogging lately because i been busy nothing really new to blog about. I finished writing the first instalaation of unsigned hype,chucks in a mental hospital, and i think i might start recording n drop some new stuff next week. We shall see lol. I always say that phrase " We shall see" . I want to know if it is possible to get some old connections with some of my freinds back. I never burnt bridges just haven't walked across them in ages. O yea new Kudi and Ye called ERASE ME check it out and yea

Blaine out

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Phase II .0

Back Fall

Phase II

"we all want what we can't have"

Not sure who uttered those words first but I must strongly disagree.During Phase I of my life I knew what i wanted but wasn't sure how to get it.My life was a walking disaster, broken hearts, bad grades, low income, etc,etc. When I think about the words quoted above i started to ponder why? Why cant I have what I want ? Whats preventing me from doing and being what I want to be? As I thought about these questions it then dawned on me like the sun embracing ones face through a window. The answer was me.

Thoughout life it has always and will always be up to me as to how far I can go and how much I can acheive.I from this day forth shall never put limits on how much i can acheive. Self discipline is something i have lacked in a past but i have become extremely detrmined to do what i was meant to do> TYo enrich peoples lives by living my own life to the best of my abilities. All I veiw alot of things in a different persepective, I have written dopwn all my goals and instead of stopping there way to acheive those goals and also steps and deadlines for those goals as to keep myself active.

Time management is key and learning how to prioritize is essential. once i embarked on the quest of prioritizing and managing my time my effiecency tripled by 100 %. Task that I thought to be to difficult are now handled with ease. Maybe this is what they call growing up. If so then Im saying hello to Phase II of my life. To sum it up when someone asks me how am i am doing? I can honestly reply Im fine Im doing good!!!

Phase II snitches lol

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Loves the support

Interesting i was searching youtube early in the morn and i came across one of my songs. I dont even remember putting it out but the fact that someone liked it enough to make it a vid on youtube is cool lol so here u go

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sat and beyond

My big lil bros Y.Rome and T. Stew got shows in front of the labels the A&R's freinds and family. Hmmm lets see where this goes; I most definitly wish them the best and I'll most likely be bloggin about this hell i might even have some footage until then enjoy the next blog its well complictaed....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Things that caught my eye might catch yours 2

Talk about an eye for the moment or blind luck. Whatever you want to call it these guys took the pic at the right momemnt

At first I thought this song was ight, then I saw this video and I now think this song is awesome....My fav three players putting it down...I feel lik =e i cant miss lol.

No gas I had to put this in here. Im a huge Mass Effect fan...the dialouge is utterly hilarious but the comments o the comments make this vid freaking priceless!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

lets make some music make some money find some models for wives

Me n the boys r back again just, writing, performing, on the quest to be young money millionaires lol. Me being the eccentric one you kno im always on the hunt for music that is different to my racial and ethnic group. Why do u ask? I love hearing music all types of music it all fascinates me. WHen i hear something different i like to sample it or see how i can include what i heard in my music. Here's just some stuff i came across hope you enjoy

I like dis comment lol
budget of this video
$200 Cameras and film
$20 Cloths
$350'867 Acid

lets make some music make some money find some models for wives!!!!!!!!!!!!

yea perfect samples to make some tuff records

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Right now im currently in the writing process im workin on several projects mainly the mixtape Shades of Blu. Wait did i say mixtape i meant to say album Shades of Blu;anyway me changing Shades of Blu to an album made me realize that now im a mixtape short and an album up.

Which means the album needs a mixtape which means i gotta write one to inrtoduce the album.HMMMM this got me thinking about my original mixtape like the first mixtape ever, My first mixtape ever was entitled Sitting on The three train and i wanted to release it but i didnt think the world was ready but now i think its time.

The mixtapes is basically about my life since the ending of senior year all the way till now. By the way im two years removed from highschool so this should be fun lol. Throughout all them years one thing remained consatnt. Every mother loving day I get on the three train, weekends included. AT one point i was living on the three train but i'll save that for the mixtape. Just be on the lookout i want to re touch it up and release because i think the music in that era of time might have been my hardest and maybe my realest and i kno the fans would love it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Truth is said in jest cant knock his work ethic nor his hustle, reccoperating and everybody hates chris been on repeat on the dvr

SHouts out to Usher and Will.I.Am for raping my brain and leaving this song on repeat this song puts me in an instant trance and all i want to think about is Kayla neway

If this was a movie this would be the sickest

Blaine has spoken

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When will it be over

I love drake i think besides me he is the future of rap but i always seems to hate his videos. Not because their whack they just dont seem to creative enough or match the caliber of rapper he is. When you drop a hot single and you have alot of buzz everyone just expects your vids to mind blowing on some jay-z, miachael jackson flo.Best i ever had was popping cause of all the breast, gigiddy but on the real it wasn't really appealing creative wise and he lost alot of fans cause of it, and now over is out and all i can do i smh. O well atleast the song is hot

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Commercial Break is here

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Carry out

I love the way Timbaland and Justin Timberlake do there music Carry Out is on repeat sounds similar to what i would do but i'd take it even further im bout to put some work in at the DEATH STAR....Shades Of Blu baby im digging Jt's outfit 2

Blaine seduction process

For every block in Harlem you walk you'll prolly find five rappers per block. Im hot but the average joe down the block is hot. I hate rap not because i hate the art form. I hate the rap because evryone thinks they can do it and be good. They dilute the actual work that goes into making music esopecially when they lack the passion of an artist and only see hip hop and rap as a get rich scheme, or buisness execs using young artist as a tax write off. Im nice Im motha F*ckin Lil Wayne, Drizzy mixed with Timbaland and Danja nice!!!!!!!! But how am i gonna stand out!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Blaine Seduction 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ima start a campaign to take over the world. Starting with the internet then the tabloids then the radio the tv and then the world. Look out for the premire solo project Commercial Breaks r M.A.T (Mind Altering Thoughts)on websites such as, Deal with No, Woodys,,,etc etc i will be everywhere, and that 2011 XXl Freshman magazine is all mine. It has been written so it shall be done BLizAinE out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Music

Yoo Ok i beat Mass Effect 2 so its no longer a priority so guess what??? It's back to the music HOOORAY new music Produced by Chris Live ft. y. Rome it's a banger 2 it's called Brain Defecit