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335 The last CH Disciple Pt. 2 is now available for download

The sequel to Depression Sounds Awesome/ The Last CH Disciple. Room 335/The Last Ch Disciple Pt.2 covers 3 years (2009-2011) of tracks by K.Zeus formerly known as David Blaine and the rest of the Fire First squad. All tracks where recorded in Frederick Douglass Academy High School and the style of music pays homage to one of Zeus's mentor Charles Hamilton. The album features fellow Harlem artist like Vinyl Rock, Y.Rome and Izaiah Graves. Production includes Charles Hamilton, Sha-leik, and many other producers.


Machinima’s “Super Power Beat Down” series knows its audience.  They pit popular fictional characters against each other in fights to the death (like Superman vs. Thor or Captain America vs. Master Chief) and let viewers vote on the outcome.  Then the SPBD team writes, choreographs, and films the fight scene with solid production values.

The latest fight is Batman vs. Darth Vader.  Batman lands on the Death Star demanding the release of Superman (apparently hostage) and Vader decides to deal with the breach himself.  This was my first experience with the series, and it was surprisingly brutal.  Hit the jump to watch.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Jerry Jones Jokes about what he said to Jay Z

In the coming months, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Roc Nation Sports founder Jay Z are going to be seeing a lot of one another. Although Jones reportedly wasn't on board with the decisionDez Bryant signed with Roc Nation Sports recently, which means Jay Z is going to be helping the star wide receiver negotiate his next contract with the Cowboys. So more than a few eyebrows were raised last night were Jones and Jay Z were spotted chatting at theGiants/Cowboys game in East Rutherford, N.J. And just one question came to everyone's mind: What in the world were they talking about?

As it turns out, nothing all that important. After the Cowboys knocked off the Giants 31-28 late last night, Jones spoke with reporters about his brief meeting with Jay Z. And when he was asked if Bryant's contract came up during their discussion, Jones said it had not. Instead, he joked that he had been trying to convince Jay Z to perform during the Eagles/Cowboys gamein Dallas on Thanksgiving Day.

"I was working on a halftime deal with him for Thanksgiving," Jones said, before admitting what the two had really talked about. "No, it's good. He had just been to the stadium and entertained there. He's outstanding."

Hmmm…That doesn't exactly sound like a guy who's taking Jay Z's role as Bryant's agent too seriously. We'll have to wait and see how "outstanding" Jones thinks Jay is once contract negotiations begin in the offseason.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bad Gal Or Nah: This Rihanna Look-Alike Is Cashing Out

There is no way having a likeness to Rihanna could be a bad thing, right?

Boston native Andele Lara, 22, says she can’t go an entire day without being compared to the Bajan pop star, according to an interview with Daily Mail. Lara even says she has been mobbed by screaming fans who mistake her for Rihanna, and that the comparisons have been happening for the past seven years.

“The moment I step out anywhere, everyone starts staring and whispering before I get bombarded by strangers asking to take their photo with me,” she said. “This happens every day - It doesn't matter what I do. I can't go twenty-four hours without hearing Rihanna's name.”

Online, photos of Lara have gone viral, as she has garnered over 21,000 followers on Instagram for the uncanny resemblance. But she hasn’t just gotten followers – she’s also cashing out. Lara reportedly earned around $20,000 for endorsing products online to her “fanbase.”

“I've scored hair contracts as well as sneaker, mascara, hair accessories and apparel deals. I also get into clubs for free and I get a lot of free drinks too,” she said. “I am grateful for my followers and I love the chance to give them advice. I get tons of fan-mail and messages from people.”

Andele - who is single and dating - was fifteen years old when friends at school first noticed her remarkable likeness to the world-famous diva.
She explains: 'The comments started in my sophomore year. My friend had a magazine with Rihanna on the cover. He held it up to my face and was like "You look like her!"
'I wasn't really sure. She was glammed up in a magazine and here I was in my school uniform.
'Personally, I never realized I looked like Rihanna. I do see some resemblance but not as much as everyone else I think.'
But as Rihanna's fame increased, Andele could not escape the comparisons to the star and her day-to-day life changed forever.

She explains: 'When 'Umbrella' came out, a lot more people began commenting that I looked like Rihanna.
'But after Ri-Ri released her album 'Loud' in 2010, the attention I started to receive for looking like her was undeniable.
'People began approaching me in the street asking if I was her and I would see photos of myself going viral on social media.'
Now, Andele's incredible likeness to the singer means she is regularly swarmed by strangers believing her to be Rihanna.

Literally, people mistake me for her all the time! I only have to step out of the house for an hour before I hear someone say, "Oh my god, is that Rihanna?"
'At first, I thought it was funny to take a picture with someone who believed I was her and then make their day. But as Rihanna gets even more famous, the attention just intensifies.
'Some people follow me into stores or as I'm driving. Other times fifteen people will swarm at me all at once to take a picture with me.

'I do think the attention I get is cool but there have been some scary occasions when some super-fans have followed me on my way to work everyday.

'And I must admit there have also been moments when I couldn't face taking a photo with yet another Rihanna fan. But it really makes their day to think they met Ri-Ri. I've never denied anyone a picture.'

Andele says the attention is most extreme when she goes out clubbing.

'When I go on a night out, that's when the attention is at its highest. Even my friends get annoyed by the number of people that come up to me.
'Men come up to me all the time, thinking I'm Rihanna and buying me drinks! They chat me up and try to get my number.'
Last year, Andele was even mistaken for Rihanna when she happened to be partying at the same nightclub as the star's bad boy ex Chris Brown.
She says: 'I was at a club in Boston and Chris Brown was there. Because he was there, I guess everyone assumed I was Rihanna!
'I was casually walking around and all these star-struck people were holding their hand to their hearts backing away from me and staring.

'At first, I was confused but then I realized what was going on. In the end, I spent the whole night taking fun pictures with groups of people who had mistaken me for Rihanna.'

Andele's resemblance to the singer has thrust her into the limelight and made her well-known on social media.

As a result of the similarities, Andele has landed over £13,000 worth of clothing contracts in the last year and over 18,000 followers on Instagram.

She says: 'I wouldn't really say I've gone out looking for opportunities, they've just come along naturally. I reckon if I put more effort, I would get even more!

'I've scored hair contracts as well as sneaker, mascara, hair accessories and apparel deals. I also get into clubs for free and I get a lot of free drinks too!

'I am grateful for my followers and I love the chance to give them advice. I get tons of fan-mail and messages from people.
'After Rihanna was banned from Instagram in April, some of her fans have written to me saying that my profile had replaced hers in their lives.'
Even Rihanna herself has inadvertently come across Andele on social media.

'One Rihanna fan page on Instagram mistakenly posted my picture with the caption, 'Rare pic of Rihanna' and Rihanna actually commented on it with 'OH?!'

'But that was the closest I'd say to her knowing me. It was a brief moment but the comments and followers on my Instagram that came after that was unbelievable.

'Every time I refreshed my page, I had at least thirty new followers and some really hateful comments too.
'In the end, the attention and mean comments from some users was a bit too much. I had to turn my notifications off on Instagram and make my account private.'

She added: 'I'm a big fan of Rihanna though. A lot of celebrities become someone they aren't but she seems to have stayed true to herself.

'I would love to meet Ri-Ri and take a selfie with her!'
Andele plans on becoming a professional Rihanna lookalike but says she'll have to draw the line at performing like the popstar.
She said: 'I know I could make a career of it. I'm pretty much a lookalike in my daily life now! But unfortunately I can't sing though so I might have to take singing lessons!'

Beyonce is just generally awesome...Check out a sneak peek at her album songs

The pop superstar surprised fans with the release of the low-budget music video, which features her alternately goofing off and showing off her some dance moves. The clip has already racked up more than 2.8 million views to date.

Beyoncé has done it again.

The pop superstar surprised her fans by releasing a new music video for “7/11” on Friday night. The video instantly lit up social media with its low-budget production style and high energy dance moves.

Beyoncé famously released glossy, expensive-looking videos for each track on her self-titled fifth album, but with “7/11,” she goes the opposite route

The video has a handmade, lo-fi quality as Beyoncé, occasionally by joined her dancers, alternately goofs off and shows off some killer moves. Blue Ivy is spotted briefly in the clip as her mom bounces on a bed, and a man, who many fans speculate is Jay Z, is seen doing a somersault.

But the highlight of the clip is when Queen Bey mimes an angry phone call using her foot. (The moment has become instant GIF classic.)

J.Cole and Drake Share a moment backstage

Watch J. Cole And Drake Share A Moment Backstage At The Dollar And A Dream Tour
Just two rappers sharing a big hug.

This summer J. Cole embarked on his second annual Dollar And A Dream Tour to perform his classic 2009 mixtape, The Warm Up, in its entirety.

At his New York City show, at least, he told the crowd that they’d only be hearing songs from that tape, but when he landed in L.A., both Drake and Kendrick joined him onstage briefly. In new footage from Fader’s “Earlier That Day” series, we get a little glimpse of Cole’s interaction with Drizzy backstage.

Early in their career, the two artists were rumored to be feuding, but there’s clearly no truth to that now. They first tried putting those rumors to rest with a collaboration on “The Morning,” recently followed that up with “Jodeci Freestyle,” and this summer Cole also made a cameo at Drake’s OVO Fest in Toronto, where Drizzy affectionately referred to him as a brother. (Drake also made a surprise appearance at the original Dollar And A Dream Tour in 2013).

Watch them share a big hug in the video above, while Drake questions Cole about his long hair, don’t care look.

So, maybe we can get collaboration number three on Cole’s upcoming album 2014 Forest Hills Drive?

Top 12 Hip Hop Instagram Pictures of the week

This week on Instagram, Nicki Minaj shared some photos from her upcoming music video, "Only," Big Sean linked up with Chance the Rapper in Chicago, and Fabolous celebrated his birthday by taking it back to the '90s. Plus, Kid Ink hung out with Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul, and RiFF RAFF and iLOVEMAKONNEN partied on the Mad Decent Boat Party. Check out all that and more in The 12 Best Hip-Hop Instagram Pictures Of The Week.

Above: Drake and Nicki Minaj Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, French Montana, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner

Date: November 17

Pappoose & Remy Ma

Date: November 18

Caption: We gon' show y'all the meaning of BlackLove @papoosepapoose RemyMa ImAroundTheMixtape

Fabulous & Mase

Date: November 20

Caption: This what it look like when you put the bullshit to the side and get money!!! Salute @Mase Shot by @evanpierce FabBday90sParty 90sFlow MA$E HarlemWorld FA - BO - LO - US Brookkkkkklynnnnnn #YoungOG

Bobby SHrmuda 

Date: November 19

Caption: I said I can't even spend the night I got to catch a flight but I still touchdown it down like Jerry Rice

Azealia Banks 

Date: November 16

Caption: Me and my big sis getting photo bombed at the knicks game

2 Chainz 

Date: November 19

Caption: Unity with God , One With Allah

Yo Gotti

Date: November 20

Caption: Late Nite At @privememphis TheArtOfHustle

Tink & Timbaland

Date: November 20

Caption: @official__tink !!!!think Tink !!!!!!

Chris Paul & Kid Ink 

Date: November 18

Caption: @cp3 dont make me look that short tho….

K Zeus

Date: Nov 21

Caption: Sexual Chocolate lol. Im Bout to drop Room 335

Big Sean & Chance The Rapper

Date: November 16

Caption: Midwest on the West Coast last night. Me and Big Sean after the sold out HOB's show in LA. Last show if the year. Had to go

Riff Raff & ilovemakonen

Date: November 16

Caption: Me and the Neon Icon had too much fun! @jodyhighroller maddecentboatparty

Lil Durk is spitting that Heat with French Montanna "Ima Star"

Listen to Lil Durk's "I'm a Star" f/ French Montana

Lil Durk is having a busy Saturday. He just dropped "I'm a Star" with the boss man French Montana, and earlier he was featured on Odd Couple's "Everything" along with Alex Wiley. 

"I'm a Star" takes the honor of the best Lil Durk song released today and continues the pattern of consistent bangers made when he's collaborated with the head of Coke Boy records. "Everything" is as distinctly Chicago as the Durk/Montana collaboration but a spacier effort.  

Listen to both tracks below. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Kevin Hart clown Jameis Winston to his FACE lol

The Florida State Seminoles rallied for another comeback victory this past weekend, taking down the Miami Hurricanes 30-26 in Sun Life Stadium. However, despite the fact that he extended Florida State's undefeated season, Noles QB Jameis Winston still can't catch a break. His latest detractor is none other than superstar comedian Kevin Hart. 

While visiting the Tallahassee, FL area for a show on the Florida State campus, Hart stopped by the Seminoles locker room to give Winston some sound advice. 

"You need to stop doing dumb shit," Hart told Winston, before going on a riff about crab legs.

A quick cutaway to Winston's face reveals that he may have not found the joke too funny, but his teammates definitely appreciated Hart's appearance. Clearly, the truth hurts. 

  Kevin Hart Confronts Jameis Winston -- 'Stop Doing Dumb S**t'
  - Watch More
  Celebrity Videos

What We Learned From Dave Chappelle's "GQ" Men of the Year Interview

Image via @animalnewyork on Twitter

GQ has placed Dave Chappelle on the cover of its annual "Men of the Year" issue, ostensibly making the comedian the "man of the year." Chappelle, of course, is coming off a red-hot run at Radio City Music Hall earlier this year in which he sold out every. single. show, and had all types of celebrity guests.

The magazine is on newsstands now. Here are five quick takeaways from Chappelle's interview: 

He probably bought weed from Idris Elba, who, according to the interviewer, said he used to sell weed at NYC comedy club Carolines back in the day. 
"Oh, okay. So he used to work at Carolines. During that era of my life, there's a high possibility that I bought reefer from Idris. Fast-forward to when I was doing Chappelle's Show, Idris would come by set sometimes ... There's a lot of women who used to work on the show ... all very professional, with the single exception when Idris would come around ... [They] would just lose their goddamn minds."

He sees Kanye West's point about the paparazzi, sort of. When the interviewer asked Chappelle how he felt about Kanye comparing the paparazzi struggle to the civil rights struggle in GQ earlier this year, Chappelle responded: 
"Well, okay now, I don't know about that. But I do see a common denominator in the sense that the issue of privacy in general is everyone's issue ...  If someone sits there and stares at you while you eat, you wont' even eat the way you normally do, because it'll make you uncomfortable. If I look at my dog while he's eating, he will look at me like, 'Dave, I will bite you. What are you looking at? I'm trying to eat.' It's something that dehumanizes a person, being on display like that."

His next move might be to go all Easy Riderbut not, like, as a work thing. Just remember to "bring your own meat."
"I have all these weird fantasies. Going coast-to-coast on my motorcycle and having random barbecues all over America. No show, no nothing ... Sometimes I just like not doing shit and not being shit."

He got no love from Rob Ford. Chappelle always smokes cigarettes while he's performing stand-up, but it's banned by a citywide ordinance in Toronto, so he went straight to the mayor's office looking for help.

"[Ford] walked in and was like 'What can I do for you?' And I told him, 'These ordinances exist in the United States but they're often waived in contexts of performance, because it's an integral part of what I do ... Then he told me 'I'm sorry, I can't help you. The laws of Toronto are the same for everybody ... we can't change the law because it disagrees with you.' He really gave me this whole speech. I should have said, 'You didn't let me finish: smoke crack rocks onstage!' Maybe a year after that was his first scandal. 
He still wants to do somethingBut his recent slew  of sold-out shows at Radio City Music Hall did have the "connotation of a sunset." 

"There was something very definitive about it. In other words, for me to leave [Chappelle's Show] the way I did and then to sell, like 60,000 tickets in New York City is a pretty big deal ... So if it was the end of something, it would definitively be the end of any doubt that there was something real between me and the audience of people. ... I'll say it like this: There's still some shit on the list. I still got some shit on my bucket list."

J. Coles third album drops on December 9th entitled "Forest Hill Drive"

J. Cole is next up on the list of rumored releases. After some investigating by the good folks of the KTT forum, it seems we may have a Cole winter upon us. Amazon is currently offering an album by the Roc Nation rapper for presale. Entitled 2014 Forest Hills Drive, the site lists the release date of the supposed project as Dec. 9.
We'll here's a message from J.Cole himself

Available everywhere December 9

"What up? My New Album is finished. It's called 2014 Forest Hills Drive and it's very special to me. It's available everywhere on 12/9. This time I'm releasing no singles, just the album. See you in 3 weeks. Thank you for the love and support."

- Cole

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mike Mitch Presents Swimming

The Schwang King is back with some more fire. The gifted and very lyrical Mike Mitch has a new track called "Swimming" which is Prod. By Sha-leik aka the Engineer. This single will be featured of Mike's conceptual album entitled 'Intoxicated Enlightenment" and Mike has worked hard on this tape.
After over two years of mixing, writing, and recording the journey begins finally begins...check it out below...

Listen To Vado's latest release " I Know"

Listen to Vado's latest release "I Know".

We The Best's own Vado has been keeping the streets fed with various remixes these past few months, but tonight he’s changing it up and hitting us with an all new original cut called “I Know”.

Produced by Dolla Bill Kidz, the track will presumably live on Vado’s next project, which is still untitled, but on the way. The release comes a few weeks after hearing Vado’s latest remix to Dej Loaf’s buzzing single “Try Me”.

Check out the new street banger and let us know what ya think!

[Via RapRadar]

Quotable Lyrics:

The streets late, my feet pace
Been a supplier like umpire's that sweep base
My peeps ate, two O’s on each plate
I string ‘em in every loop hole like my sneaks lace

Friday, November 14, 2014

Chris Brown Has A Message For Any Guy That Brings A Girl To His Tour With Trey Songz And Tyga

Of course Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Tyga want as many people to come to their shows as possible. But they wouldn’t blame you if you’re a guy and their upcoming Between The Sheets Tour isn’t your first choice for a date with your special lady.

“I would have to commend the guy who brings they girl to our show,” Breezy told MTV News on Monday. “Because it takes a lot of guts and security within himself to be able to watch his female fan-out and have an amazing time and almost, sort of fantasize, in a way, about us on stage.”

Get More: 

Tyga, Music News

Knowing that, he says, it would be impressive if fellas decide to bring their girls.

“You very brave, and I commend you for it, sir, whoever comes out to the show.”

On the other hand, maybe it’s showing some otherwise unknown characteristics if you show up with your significant other in tow. “It’s also showing your lady what kind of man you are. You comfortable with yourself; you’re ok with that.”

If you’re brave enough — or a female — you can choose from the dates below to check the three on tour.

» 1/28 – Hampton, VA @ Hampton Coliseum
» 1/29 – Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center
» 1/31 – Baltimore, MD @ Royal Farms Arena (on sale Nov 22)
» 2/3 – Atlanta, GA @ Phillips Arena
» 2/5 – New Orleans, LA @ Smoothie King Arena
» 2/6 – Dallas, TX @ American Airlines Center
» 2/7 – Houston, TX @ Toyota Center
» 2/9 – Charlotte, NC @ Time Warner Cable Arena
» 2/10 – Greensboro, NC @ Greensboro Coliseum
» 2/12 – Sunrise, FL @ BB&T Center
» 2/14 – Columbus, OH @ Nationwide Arena
» 2/15 – Detroit, MI @ Joe Louis Arena
» 2/18 – Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center
» 2/19 – Worcester, MA @ DCU Center (on sale Nov 22)
» 2/21 – East Rutherford, @ NJ IZOD Center
» 2/22 – Washington, D.C. @ Verizon Center (on sale Nov 22)
» 2/24 – Montreal, QC @ Bell Centre (on sale Nov 15)
» 2/25 – Toronto, ON @ Air Canada Centre
» 2/27 – Rosemont, IL @ Allstate Arena
» 2/28 – Cincinnati, OH @ U.S. Bank Arena
» 3/1 – Nashville, TN @ Bridgestone Arena
» 3/3 – Minneapolis, MN @ Target Center
» 3/6 – San Jose, CA @ SAP Center
» 3/7 – Las Vegas, NV @ Mandalay Bay Events Center
» 3/8 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Forum

Rick Ross & JAY Z Drops The Hustlers Anthem " Movin Bass"

Well here ya go. After much anticipation, Ricky Rozay delivers on his word and releases his new Jay Z-featured record “Movin Bass”.

Produced by Timbaland, the new street banger serves as the latest leak off the MMG Bawse’s upcoming album, Hood Billionaire, which is dropping November 24th. The follow up to Mastermind will feature guest appearances from Lil Boosie, Snoop Dogg, Yo Gotti, Big K.R.I.T., R. Kelly, K. Michelle, and obviously Jay Z, among others. Fans can pre-order Hood Billionaire on iTunes today. Premiered by Funk Flex, expect some bombs for the time being.

Thoughts on this new collab?

[Update: studio version now available.]

Quotable Lyrics:
Backs on that nigga raw
We still movin' bass
Got them records jumpin' off the start
We still movin' bass
Copper tried to knock us off
We still movin' bass
Haters throwin' shots through a niggas door
And we still movin' bass

- Hov