Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Normalacy v. Mr. Oxymoron

Well no doubt you might have heard big bro Chuck Hammy just released a new project entilted Normalacy.

The project was dope but as I listen to it i know my projects goes ten times harder. Talk is cheap so I guess we'll all find out Jan. 26th when I cash in, and the Moron drops and hits ya in the head like Vonage. I mean everytime i hear Normalacy I touch up my songs waiting to hit the boothe on the fourth of January so i can finish mastering it and get it to the public a.s.a.p.

Chuck said the day we graduated from high school that we where no longer freinds, and he would no longer treat us (me and my cousin T. Stewart A.K.A Project Aim)as students but as competetion. Knowing the truthfulness in his statement i dont plan to bow out but to go a billion times harder than everyone including him, stand with me or die.

As far as my association i been on my Kudi flow i have no freinds keep it a hundred like im back on my loner flow.Like i got dudes i look out for and home girls i mess with but i'm in this me myself and I state of mind until I'm where i want to be. To keep it a hundred I'm sick as hell and i will prolly die way before my time. O well you play the cards you where given i dont belive in fate so im pick up and get some better cards.

The Eye of God

Blaine out

Friday, December 25, 2009

Mr. oxymoronic holidays

Happy holidays to all!

Things have been on the up and up. I finally have a release date for Mr. Oxymoron my first solo project shall be released on January 26th 2010. I picked this date because that is when my soon to be favorite game Mass Effect 2 will be released. Knowing myself if I dont finish the project by then it will never get finshed.

Fire First entertainment the label I co-own with my cousin is expanding at a rather nice pace. We have been thinking about adding two artist. One of the artist is multi-talentesd and also produce beats, which we really need. This free time I have now that school is over allows me precious time to hit the gym, finish my project, and come up with diferent marketing stategies for my career. If you here me on the next instalment of NBA 2k then know my plan worked lol.

Currently i been chilling with this chick (she knows who she is), and i must say i'm quite taken with her. I might play it cool like I have been or i might let the beast comeout and take her places she has never been. Either way I'm enjoying are time together. Anyway thats enough blogging. Happy Holidays Blitzes time to watch more basketball.