Friday, September 25, 2009


Wow alot of things has taken place in the music industry and to keep it one hundred I haven't been up on it. Lately i been dealing with alot of issues soicially with my freinds and well girlfreinds to. It's gonna be a cold winter but I kinda expected that anyway. As far as me and my music me and Terrence have been working on are mixtape which is gona be dope. Theres no official name for it yet but I'm pulling for "The Forgotten". Admist all the hype that was around chuck and Demev we was always there but we was never THERE. The mixtape is crazy I kinda wanna drop it as an unnofficial demev project with the help of DJ Skee and some other indusrty heads and as the first official project of Fire First Entertainment!!!!!

Speaking of Chuck and Demev from what i heard its quite for them and Chucks deal at Interscope... Heard alot of F'd up stuff but w/e it really isn't dealing with or affecting me so what can I say lol but Drake new stuff and Kudi's album is killing the game.Kanye crapped on that taylor swift and has taken a break from it all. Chris Brown preparing for that Micheal Jackson concert, Tayshauns beats have gotten stupid nice,and me im going to sleep listening to t.i,luda, kudi,drake,
Jay,weezy,jadakiss,and Trey Songz they be on repeat.

Here check all the maddness out

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bumping that Blue Print hard

No gas everytime i watch jay do what he does I get inspired. Undeniablely he's in the top five dead or alive. The way he carries himself in conversations and interviews, his ingenious rhymes and consistent hits,the fact that he got Beyonce,and the fact that he had a hand in cosigning Drake's,Kanye's,Kid Cudi's,Rihanna,Jeezy,Ross and Lupe's carreers, Jay is the man lol. So i officially listened to the album ( actually went and purchased it). The album was popping and it got me writing so stay tuned for some new music lol go cop that album.