Sunday, November 29, 2009

The wave of the Future

Iono is it me or is alot of artist starting to sound like charles hamilton???? It might be me but many artist are singing on there hooks, distoring them slightly, and using hypnotic melodies in there rhyme scheme. Coinsedence or not I think eventhough charles hasn't received superstar status yet his stlye has been leaked and is being replicated by other artist.Or maybe chuck is emulating the signs of the time.

Some artist that are starting to sound more and more like Chuck Hammy are surprisingly alot of Interscope artist, coinsedence ??? Iono its just what i have noticed???? Even if its not Charle's influence music or Hip hop in genral has been slowly changing into something else. It's more popish, rockish,hypnotic, its almost feel good music. Even my stlye of music is meant to draw out your emotions or trance you in order to alter your mood to fit the current songs mood. Check em out you be the judge.But Hip hop has definetly changed when an artist can rap and you cant clasify it as rap you know everything is out of whack. Or maybe everything is just evolving...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

They don't understand

Ever feel like jumping off a building while singing lil wayne I feel like dying while watching a television show called I want to live????No o well i have lol.

Mass Effect is a major time consumer of my life . I mean they really dont understand how much i play and read up on Mass Effect...It's retarted...I want to blog about other stuff but's its the only thing on my mind its craziii. Im feinging like a crack head over this one; maybe because my life is so boring and I need something to do. The studio is tiring, I cant seem to land a job,girls are fun but annoying, I haven't paid my bill for the gym,The knicks suck like porn stars,I'm broke,Facebook is fun for like fifthteen minutes then its a bore,and o yea all my freinds decided to go to Canada for the weekend leaving me alone to watch Family guy reruns. Im bored as hell!!!!Hmmm maybe thats why im feinging so much to play some Mass effect or at least Modern Warfare 2. Mass Effect and the second installment are looking to be maybe two of the best games I have ever played or will play.

Video Games iono they just make me feel at ease, maybe because i been playing eversince i was a mini me. Playing that ninetendo Super Mario brothers all the way to live and Nba Jam, to Mega man and crash.Nintendo-360 I've played them all. Im a gamer and I prolly will always be. Especially with games starting to rival cinematic films dont belive me check it out!!!!

Better than all the star wars prequels combined

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blaine N SHow= DeadFli

We was in the Stew mixing up the medicine

Just left the STew dropping some medicine as usual and I gotta say My boi SHow2fli is nice lol.Just did a track with him called Beuaty Queen,so definitely be on the lookout for that cause it's Crack lol. I also finished up a track called Dr. Strange and thats prolly gone end up on my project Mr. Oxymoron.

The whole concept of the mixtape is how people including myself are living contradictions. Hence where living Oxymorons. Eventhough I'm only nineteen through the expereinces i've been through and the crap i've seen i almost feel like I'm fifty. Hence I am a young old man!!!! Get it!!!! If not give it time. I got a few tracks I got to leak to ChrisDOt anyway so stay tuned and be amazed. The magical David Blaine is coming to your town.Here are some examples

Friday, November 20, 2009

Lessons to be learned

This blog is gonna be fun and well educational lol

In each vid there is a lesson to be learned. Yea we going to learn some things today. I feel if you dont learn from other peoples mistakes then you have to make your own and suffer. Expereice is the best way to learn.........for fools that have no other choice.

Lesson # 1

Dont talk crap if you cant back it up

Lesson # 2

Everything is not what they always appear to be

Lol I laugh just like Elmo, it's so obnoxious and rude mt freinds hate it especially when im laughing at them.

Lesson # 3

Make Sure she say's yes

My Nigger WTF I'd be hella pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You dont do something like this and not know that this chick is gonna say yes. My G you only do this for show like you already proposed to her in advance and your proposing now for show.

Lesson # 4 and the final for lesson for today. Microsoft owned Sony this time around with the Console wars

Mass Effect 2 Is gonna be so Hot Im taking a break from it all starting January 26th to March 5th and devoting precious time to this game

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random thoughts aren't random

No words on this and learn from a double negative

Entertainment at its finest... raw realities at its hardest

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Yo i seen some funny stuff in my 19 years of existence. I also have seen some weird stuff as well. But this vid I got for ya'll is the funniest weridest thing I've ever seen. This expereince comes from a link from my cuzzo's blog. The link was about football players making some dumb mistakes and somehow i ended up on STREAKERS and LOVE. I dont know the Internet is crazy so without further delay check this vid...It made the news lol

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Je ne sais pas

Love who needs it??? Overwhelming response we all do.That being said all ima say is umm yea theres this girl and wen im wit her its a lil bit like this....


David Blaine fixin the BluePrint | MySpace Video

Monday, November 9, 2009

And we gone party like its your birthday

Do you ever feel your getting old??? Well I cant answer for you but I know Im gettin older. Today is my b-day (19) and the song of the day is Drakes lust for Life.People need to mature as they grow... Alot of conflict can be avoided if you simply just stop, breathe, pause, and just think about things....

Dudes not Malcom but i swear they got X'd/My attitude Pac ...i aint mad, no stress/Cant argue with fools i aint got time for you/ people on they bull i am on another attidtude...

SO yea im 19. I wrote a few new songs feeling ight and my mood these day is something like this

Lust for Life

Get over it

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Return of The Chosen

Yea im officially back on my blogging and I must say it feels pretty good. I feel alot of chaos is currently going on in my life and when I sit here and write its all good. I get to clear my thoughts and put it out there for anyone to read. I throw it out there just to see if other people feel the same way and are going through the same siuation.

Recently I have been going through issues of self control,organiztaion,and finding a balnce between God,Music,Freinds,and Girlfreinds. It's proven more difficult then I thought.Iono have you ever felt you bit off more than you can chew???? Well thats how I feel. I made a decision at a time where I didnt understand all that comes with that decision and now im suffering from my ignorance. O well we cant go back in time we can only focus on our future. My close freinds have drifted slightly and it always sucks when that has happens but I feel it a neccesarry. Even I myself have drifted but because I just need time to myself to better myself. So if Im not talking to you at the moment dont take it personal or write me off as a true freind i just need time to organize and just work on myself. Every Mon,wed., and Friday Ima be hitting the gym and the studio.

OOOOOOOO SNAP I said the Studio yea the studio is back open and big things are happening. Demevolist is back on the rise rebuilding after some interesting events. Theres a project in the works something bout Demev Reloadeding lol (MATRIX)...Swiss and I talked about it and who knows I might have a few tracks on that so look out for that I'll def post that up when its done. In the absence of Mr. HaMileton i just been goin on his blog starting controversey trying to keep the dream alive."I'm an asshole the good kind lol".(ChrisDOt) your a funny dude man chuck will be back probably...eventually...hopefully. ANyway yea Ima be chilling its glad to be back cause i was on a real chill flow dont belive me check some of the pics...O yea and part of me be organizied means Ima drop my blogs consistently every Monday ,Wednesday and Friday so yea im done...

Man on the moon alone I go crazy but why be alone cause it makes me stronger

Sunday, November 1, 2009

On to the Next one

My today is really my tommorow. Im here in the now but im always thinking bout the future. I'm going in cause the future is lookin bright