Friday, March 24, 2017

Kal El Beats back at it again with Hot Fire

The Superman of Producers

Super Producer Kal El Beats is in his bag right now. Producing for some of the harderst artist in harlem and in the game right now (Y.Rome/Meech Guevara/K Zeus/ & Charles Hamilton) he has found some time to share his shine with the mortals in the form of a hybrid album called

808'$ + Love & Hate : Doom$Day.

A mix between melodic and haunting singles and booming instrumentals Kal El shows why he's that guy when it comes to music productions. Some of the standouts on the tape include Y.Rome's Thinking Too Much Feat Meech Guevara, K Zeus Girls (The Internet Sample), Tee Monnee's Hate You, Love You, Miss You/Mixed Feelings (feat. TeeMonee), & Y.Rome's Free Love. Check the tape out and some of the singles below.

Coolin Cam Major Key alert

Coolin Cam the man with the plan

Harlem artist Coolin Cam has had a major breakthrough in his music career. Signing to Key Records as their flagship artist Coolin Cam has taken advanatage of this opprotunity by hitting the ground running and producing hit after hit. This drive has culminated into a mixtape  called NDO (No Days Off) and a couple music videos for his latest singles Pedal Bikes & a bonus track The Mob Feat A Thug. Check out his mixtape and the videos below.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Warriors' latest beatdown of Thunder proves this isn't the playoff series you want

A feud just doesn't add up to a rivalry if it isn't competitive

The Oklahoma City Thunder didn’t win a single game this season against the Golden State Warriors. Even the absence of Kevin Durant didn’t make a difference in the final matchup between the two Western Conference finalists from last season. Golden State won the season series 4-0 after the Warriors’ 111-95 victory Monday night.

These teams hate one another. There is genuine dislike. The cupcake memes were out again, with OKC fans mocking Kevin Durant’s injury. Stephen Curry and Semaj Christon scrapped (with Russell Westbrook in there, too). These teams hate each other and want to show one another up. Only, the Thunder do not have the weapons yet to compete.

This is a feud. 

It’s not a rivalry. 

There’s a difference there. We love sports rivalries because they combine competitiveness and emotions. The drama is built on the personal feelings, but the suspense is drawn on the unknown outcome. That is not the case with the Warriors and Thunder. We know the outcome. The Warriors have won by double digits in every contest. Monday night’s beatdown without Durant was just the extra kick. The Warriors made their point, because that’s what they live to do. It’s why they snore through close wins against the Pelicans and then tear the doors off the Clippers’ house like a twister coming through. The punch Ali never gave Foreman when he was going down? The Warriors live to throw that. 

That’s not good, or bad, or wrong, or right. It’s sports. It’s just how it is. And how you feel about that depends on your fandom. 

But the Thunder and Warriors share none of the competitive characteristics that bring real drama. We tune in to see if Durant and Westbrook will shake hands, or look at each other, or if they’ll try and dunk on each other. We tune in for the trash talk and the kerfuffles and the glares and antics. But without that competitive element, games between these two teams, especially in Oklahoma City, take on a tone that’s just uncomfortable. It doesn’t feel like Heat-Knicks in the 1990s. It feels like a really awkward social situation where a fight could break out at any time. 

A first-round series between the Thunder and Warriors is what the TV networks and columnists want. It’s all narrative. The problem is, that’s all it is. And when all you have is storyline, without the supporting backbone of sports, you don’t have entertainment and distraction, you just have hatred and frustration. The Thunder would likely be swept in a first-round series, which would diminish the incredible season Westbrook has had, and unfairly so. There’s drama in that, but it’s mostly just a tragedy of the team spurned by its best player in franchise history, only to see him dominate them with the squad they nearly toppled last year. 

Much will be made of the Thunder’s shortcomings, and their offense has many. For all of Westbrook’s brilliance, Monday’s game showcases how limited he really is against a great defensive team like Golden State. They could send four defenders at him, all of them capable, keep him from the rim, and if his mid-range jumper isn’t falling, which is always a coin flip, there’s not much to be done. OKC doesn’t deserve credit for having not rebuilt immediately after Durant, but it has to be part of the analysis. 

They built this team specifically around Westbrook and Durant. When Durant left, they did not have a Plan B. That will come in time, as they move forward and make moves. They will have more firepower in the future, and hey, maybe they’ll find a combination that can really keep pace with Golden State. 

But for now, the only thing they bring to a matchup with the Warriors is good effort and bad blood. They don’t have enough, not yet. And the Warriors have just about everything, even when they don’t have Durant. 

(Also, you can count on a lot of “See how dumb the talk about the Warriors struggling was?” takes. Except they did struggle. The Warriors can struggle, and show weaknesses in some games that don’t appear in others. The bad games don’t magically disappear because of a stretch of great ones, and the great games don’t get overshadowed by their rare bad games. Context.)
Thunder-Warriors seems like a first-round series you want. You don’t. It’ll be mean and ugly and physical, the things fans love, but without any of the thrilling moments to make it worth it. 
(Unless you’re a Warriors fan, then you’ll love it. )

Regular-season meetings don’t always foreshadow postseason results. The Thunder went oh-fer vs. the Warriors last season, too, but those games were wildly different. These games seem like proof of result, though. There will be plenty of time in the future, when the wound in OKC isn’t so fresh, when the Thunder have added some firepower. For now, though? Let’s close the book on Warriors-Thunder until such a time as this feud becomes a rivalry again. 

Monday, March 20, 2017


Even before More Life dropped on Saturday (March 18), Spotify revealed that Drake had become the first act to hit 10 billion streams on the platform.

Much of that success came through Views, his massively popular 2016 album that spawned a series of hits, including “One Dance,” which garnered 1.15 billion streams, according to Forbes.

Other Views smashes have also helped Drizzy attain his new accolade. “Hotline Bling” was played 600 million times. “Too Good” was played 520 million times. Meanwhile, “Controlla” garnered 340 million streams.

As a whole, Views tracks have earned two billion streams in less than a year with Drake’s back catalog making up the rest of his total, but none of these figures reflect Saturday’s More Life release.

Those numbers are particularly impressive given Drake’s Apple Music ties. Not only has he released temporarily exclusive material through a reported $19 million Apple deal, but he’s also premiered much of his new material through his Beats 1 program OVOSOUND Radio. That exclusivity has likely helped Apple — Views was its first album to reach one billion streams — but it clearly hasn’t significantly hindered his Spotify prominence.

The 6 God’s streaming stats are likely to get a boost this week across all platforms, thanks to the release of More Life. Premiered Saturday on OVOSOUND, the playlist project features collaborations with Kanye West, Travis Scott, Young Thug, 2 Chainz, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and more.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Life & Times | Tidal B Sides - H O V Performed By JAY Z & K Zeus - JAY Z inducted to the song writers Hall Of Fame

Life & Times VOL III

K Zeus is back at it again with another single entitled H O V a nod to the great rapper and Brooklyn native Jay Z. The song is Produced by the legendary producer Mr. Monroe and starts off with a quote from the hip hop mogul Jay Z himself stating that hip hop artist and writers  like Biggie Smalls deserved to be admired and revered in the same way  as critics admire writers like Bob Dylan.

That statement holds more weight now that Jay Z has been inducted into the song writers Hall of Fame. He is  the first rap artist to receive entry into that prestigious class of writers.

Peep the song below and the lyrics at the songs rapgenius HERE