Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Chris Brown Fires back AT TMZ

Looks like Chris Brown has had enough of TMZ’ rough antics targeting him. The singer took to his Instagram page today, Sept. 29, to air out some long felt frustrations towards the gossip website, calling the CEO “the devil,” and telling him to back off once and for all.

“What the devil looks like in person,” captioned Chris Brown along with a photo of Harvey Levin. “Lol. You sad little man. You’ve been trying for years to destroy me. It won’t work. Your efforts are flattering. When you look back on your life when it’s that time for you to depart, what can u actually say you’ve accomplished in life? Bringing people down and being the number one source for negativity. Life’s too short homie. Find some sort of happiness. You are a grown ass man. God bless you bruh.”

TMZ has long targeted Brown throughout the bulk of his career. Most recently, the website published a story about Brown’s mom fearing for his safety due to his connections with LA gang members. Although Chris has yet to comment on the subject, it’s likely that story was the straw that broke the camel’s back.


"My first priority is to protect the only one I have left... I'm going to finish this."


The extended trailer for Taken 3 — henceforth, Tak3n — is here. It literally does not matter what I write here, so here are the best Liam Neeson quotes from the trailer."Listen carefully, Kim. Something terrible has happened to your mom. Don't trust anyone"

"There are things I have done in my life and I was always ready to face the consequences. To protect my family."
"My first priority is to protect the only one I have left... I'm going to finish this."
"Good luck."
Reactions from the staff:

"The Porsche drifting under the jet and taking out the landing gear is everything to me." — Chris Ziegler, noted expert on cars, planes, and Fast & Furious

Liam Neeson's been hotter... nothing especially science-y going on except that Liam Neeson maybe upset his makeup artist and that's why he looks so beat. — Science Editor (and Trained Observer) Liz Lopatto

"Neeson's a badass. I'm just surprised they didn't cast Key and Peele for cameos." — Senior Explosions Watcher Kwame Opam
"It was light on hacking, unfortunately" — Black Hat / White Hat / Red Hat / Other Hat enthusiast Russell Brandom

"My pitch for a sequel: Hackers steal nude photos from the phone of liam neeson's daughter. He has a special set of skills — and he's going to kill 4chan. T4ken." — Resident Sequelologist TC Sottek

"This is the best trailer i have ever seen in my life. i'm going to see this movie one hundred times." - David Pierce, who saw The Expendables in theaters
These moments:


Unless you've been living under a rock, you know 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather hate one another's guts. In recent headlines, he and Floyd Mayweather got into a beef that had gotten out of hand on Instagram and Twitter. Mayweather called 50 irrelevant and since, 50 shaded Floyd about everything from him not being able to read to his ex being with Nelly, but it turns out Floyd isn't the only one who hates 50.
"I hate my dad, I hate him so much! He's disappointed me so many times", an angry Marquise Jackson told us.
50 and Marquise's relationship is very complicated. 50 can't stand Marquise's baby momma and because of that, he's been absent the majority of his son's life.
"Who needs him? He was never there when I needed him the most. My dad will never be half the father Floyd is to me", added Marquise when questioned about his relationship with Floyd days after posting a photo of him and the undisputed champ hanging out on his Facebook account.

Eric Credle AKA Doeboy (The Master Barber)

Networking is truly a blessing....Some would even say its not what you know but who you know. If that's the case then I'm proud to know my barber Eric AKA Doeboy. Eric The Master Barber is located on 125 street between 5th and Lenox in Harlem NY above the Peedee's Steakhouse. 

The Environment is not just friendly but in fact very homely as the barbershop is Unisex and daily conversations can range from relationship advice, food, sports & music, to entertainment, and general tomfoolery.The atmosphere is just icing on a the cake to a strong foundation of great  haircuts.  When it comes to hair not just men's hair but hair in general Eric is a beast. Don't believe me just look below at examples of his work...

Not only us Eric a great barber but he's also a great man. He lives by a code which is more then a lot of people today , and if you look closely at his work space you might even see a bible laying around there somewhere. Also Eric is a father and a Family Guy...(not gonna lie I was trying to throw that Family Guy Line in there that sitcom is hilarious) 

When I opened up this blog entry I mentioned networking. Eric also over the years has acquired many contacts. For my musicians out there he has connects to people who work in the industry particular hip hop/ R& B and he shows love to everybody. He also regularly  throws event trips to Atlantic City so if your into that holla at my guy. The average haircut will cost you about 15$ and again he's located between 5th and lenox 125th street above the Peedees Steakhouse next to the Subway. If your barber acting up or you in the neighborhood give him a try. I promise you'll never go anywhere else.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Ticket prices soar in Cleveland following LeBron James' return

LeBron's back in Cleveland, and ticket prices are soaring. (USATSI)

CNBC looked at the basketball-business impact of LeBron James' move from Miami back to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and it's about what you would expect. The Cavs sold out of season tickets within 24 hours of the decision, interest has skyrocketed, and while the Cavs say they have kept ticket prices relatively stable to not price-out the fans (and good on them for that), the secondary market has gone bonkers. The Cavs' average price now reflects high-end tickets, but even that isn't as crazy of an increase as we've seen with other star transfers.

Despite the surge in demand, Komoroski said the Cavs did not raise season-ticket prices, and the average price for individual game tickets remains the same as the top-tier games from last season.

"We have been very conscious to treat our fans with the same degree of respect and integrity as when we were in our rebuilding mode," he said.

In the secondary ticket market, however, prices are rising across the board. At Stubhub, Cleveland Cavalier transactions are up 4,150 percent year over year, with an average ticket price of $184—almost $100 more than last season. Meanwhile, King James' former team, the Miami Heat, is seeing the opposite effect: Ticket prices there have fallen about $15 from last year.

On TiqIQ, the current average price for a Cavs game is $421, the highest price in the NBA and more than a 250 percent increase since the beginning of last year.

via LeBron James return to Cleveland makes Cavaliers ticket sales leap.

4,150 percent increase in transactions, goodness gracious. A 250 percent increase in price. You're seeing media react to the same. ESPN has transferred reporters from L.A. to Cleveland to cover James, abandoning the Lakers. What a strange world we've come to know.

An economics professor made waves last summer by projecting a $500 million economic benefit of James' return to Cleveland, but a Think Progress refutal from a Holy Cross professor claims that number to just be nuts.

“It's just completely unclear how you get $500 million out of this,” Matheson said. “The Cavs' entire revenue for the year is like $145 million. The Miami Heat, their revenue last year was $188 million. How you go from that to $500 million for the local economy is crazy. Just on that front alone it would be crazy.”


“So the main issue is what were these people doing when James wasn't there? They didn't just hole up in their apartments, lights out, not eating, not drinking, not breathing,” Matheson said. “They were doing something with that money, and the extra money they're spending on the Cavs has to come from somewhere.”

Even accounting for the impact James himself may provide — through charity donations or money he spends in the city, for instance — the net benefit will probably be small. James already keeps a house in Northeast Ohio and already donates millions of his dollars to Northeast Ohio charities. There might be tax benefits for Cleveland and Ohio, but even those are closer to zero than they are to $500 million.

That's not to say James' return won't have benefits for Cleveland. He will provide a small economic boost totaling somewhere in the low millions of dollars, though even the $50 million posited by Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald may be too high, Matheson said. But the same ideas underlying the claim that James will have a half-a-billion dollar impact on Cleveland are those that backstop public financing of sports stadiums and arenas. And those ideas are disputed by loads of research showing that such plans, or the events that take place in them, aren't the economic windfalls proponents say they are. Which means that for as exceptional as James is on the court, he's much closer to ordinary in the sports world when it comes to impact: the economic side is small but vastly overstated by politicians, boosters, and the media, while his actual impact — what Matheson calls the “feel good effect” — is largely ignored.

“It's a great time to be a Clevelander,” he said. “The feel good effect is absolutely real and it's huge for that. LeBron is making us happy. But there's no reason to think LeBron is going to make us rich.”

via No, LeBron James Won't Bring $500 Million A Year To Cleveland's Economy | ThinkProgress.

A Cleveland local county official said in July that the number is closer to a conservative estimate of $50 million.

LeBron James's return to Cleveland could help bring almost $50 million a year in new economic activity to the city and region, Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald said Monday.

FitzGerald said his fiscal office worked with Positively Cleveland, the local convention and tourism bureau, to reach that figure.

The primary basis of his argument is the expected spike in attendance at Quicken Loan Arena associated with James's return to the Cavs.

"I think there is a measurable economic value," FitzGerald said at an afternoon news conference. "When people say this is just about an athlete making money, there's more to it than that. Other people will make a living."

via Ed FitzGerald: LeBron's return worth millions to Cleveland, Cuyahoga County | cleveland.com.

Either way, there's no denying that basketball is suddenly a hot business commodity in Cleveland again.

The Top 15 Urban Models

Scorpio Season is almost here. How do I know? Because I'm going through the beginning phases of HyperSexuality .... So without further a due i present the top 15 urban models.

15. Kimbella
Hometown: New York, New York Twitter: @kimbellasworld
She’s not quite the cast favorite on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop 2, but Juelz Santana’s free-spirited baby mother has shown her beauty on the recent cover of Black Men magazine and other publications. Haters gonna hate.

14. Ayisha Diaz
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska Twitter: @AyishaDiaz
The Dominican vixen suited up in a skin-tight suit for Chris Brown’s “I Can Transform Ya” video and took off from there. If you want to see her in less, WorldStarHipHop’s Candy section has you covered.

13. Keyshia Dior
Hometown: Miami, Florida Twitter: @KeyshiaKaoir
After playing Timbaland’s main girl in his 2009 video for “Say Something,” the video model is now focusing her talents on her cosmetic lipstick line. Stay pretty.

12. Chanta Patton
Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina Twitter: @Chantapatton
She showed us that she wasn’t just a pretty face when she played a young girl dealing some serious decisions in Lil Wayne’s “How To Love” music video, but by nature, Chanta is a top-shelf vixen.

10.Yaris Sanchez

Hometown: New York, New York Twitter: @Yaris_Sanchez
After appearing in Fabolous, The-Dream, and French Montana music videos, Dominican hottie is becoming hip-hop’s visual go-to. Oh, the power of the camera phone mirror Twitpic.

10. Cubana Lust
Hometown: Miami, Florida Twitter: @cubanalust
Her ass-shaking videos are the hottest on the Internet and have been viewed millions of times. You can’t miss the panther tattoo on her ass, and wouldn’t be surprised if you could fit a life-sized panther on that joint.

9. Daphne Joy
Hometown: Subic Bay, Philippines Twitter: @DaphneJoy
Filipino and Puerto Rican? We’re in love. 50 Cent has reportedly snatched her up already. Understandable. We’d throw the cuffs on her too, early.

8. Bernice Burgos
Hometown: Bronx, New York Twitter: @berniceburgos
She’s 100% Puerto Rican and she’s 700% dime. If you haven’t seen or heard much of her, check her out in J. Cole’s “Work Out” video. What a natural beauty.

7. Dollicia Bryan
Hometown: Portland, Oregon Twitter: @DolliciaB
You’ve probably seen her on newsstands gracing the covers of KING, Black Men, and Smooth or in ads for Absolut Vodka. She’s also that hot chick on the hood of Rick Ross’ car in DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One” video.

6. Tanaya Henry
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota Twitter: @THETANAYASHOW
The model/jewelry designer will catch your eye in Jamie Foxx’s “Fall For Your Type” music video as well as J. Cole’s “Work Out” clip. Now she’s moved onto the pages of Vogue. It only makes sense for a chick this gorgeous.

5. Tahiry
Hometown: Harlem, New York Twitter: @TheRealTahiry
The most ridiculous Dominican mami of all ridiculous Dominican mamis. The only reason why anyone watched JoeBuddenTV webisodes was to get a glimpse of her.

4. Rosa Acosta
Hometown: Santiago, Dominican Republic Twitter: @RosaAcosta
The stretch model-turned-video girl has given us amazing back shots and is one of the hottest Latinas in the world. Her place goes without saying.

3. Suelyn Medeiros
Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Twitter: @suelynmedeiros
This South American import has appeared in dozens of music videos including Ludacris’ “What Them Girls Like” and Young Jeezy’s “Vacation.” There’s also a leaked clip she was hotter in. We’ll let you figure that one out.

2. Amber Rose
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Twitter: @DaRealAmberRose
Although she’s making the switch from model to singer, Kanye’s bald ex and soon to be ex of Wiz Khalifa, will always be one of urban modeling’s best.

1. Brittany Dailey
Hometown: Park Hill, Colorado Twitter: @brittanydailey

The Black, Apache, and Irish star of Chris Brown’s “Deuces” video is a stunner. It’s crazy how one clip can seriously be such a gamechanger, but when it’s this obvious that you’re the hottest chick in the game, it’s well-deserved.

The 50 Types of People You Should have sex with before you die (Trey Songz Version)

A comprehensive list detailing the fifty different types of people you should have sex with before you're dead. Get ready for your Herculean Trey Songz love adventure . Part One: Junior varsity.

1. The red head.
2. The screamer.
3. The whisperer.
4. The complainer.
5. The we've been doing foreplay for an hour, lets get to it-er.
6. The person who weighs under 105 pounds.
7. The person who weighs over 300 pounds.
8. The person who is hairy in unexpected areas.
9. The person who is silent but deadly.
10. The person who talks more than a lecturing professor.

Part Two: Pretty impressive.

11. The surprisingly flexible.
12. The sweater.
13. The drunken one-night stand.
14. The person who’s twenty years older than you.
15. The person who’s ten years younger than you.
16. The person who keeps the maximum amount of clothes on possible.
17. The one who has more tattooed skin than un-tattooed skin.
18. The best friend.
19. The best friend’s best friend.
20. The one who’s married, but it doesn’t concern you.

Part Three: Halfway there.

21. The one who used to be ugly, but is now hot, and you’re surprised enough to feel obligated.
22. The person who used to be hot, but isn’t anymore, but still has a ton of name value for being previously hot.
23. The stage-five clinger.
24. The significant other while their parents are in the room next door.
25. The therapist.
26. The person who’s physically out of your league, but you can somehow smooth talk your way into sex because a) they’re vulnerable or b) they’re stupid.
27. The one who goes through all five stages of grief during sex.
28. The one who keeps referring to sex as “making love.”
29. The person who’s isn't as attractive as you, but you need to cross off number twenty-nine on this list so you do it anyway.
30. The ex-girlfriend.

Part Four: Superhero status.

31. The virgin.
32. The pay-for-sex.
33. The person who’s adoppelganger for a celebrity you fantasize about, so you can tell people you had sex with the real celebrity.
34. The inappropriate cryer.
35. The inappropriate laugher.
36. The one who is way too into Game of Thrones/Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit and accidentally call you a character’s name mid-bone.
37. The one with pierced genitalia.
38. The obscurely famous.
39. The one with a terminal illness.
40. The person with the skin complexion of vanilla ice cream.

Part Five: God privileges granted.

41. The person with the skin complexion of chocolate ice cream.
42. The person with the skin complexion of strawberry ice cream.
43. The one you’re attracted to strictly because of their foreign accent.
44. The stranger you meet on a train, have an incredible romantic evening with, and end up getting with by using the line “lets make this the most magical night of our lives.”
45. The one who really, really needs a haircut.
46. The regret.
47. The “I wouldn’t take it back for a second.”
48. The one who smells like your favorite childhood dessert.
49. The person who accomplishes at least five things on this list during one session.

50. The red head. Again.

And There you gave it....50 people to have sex with before you die.