Thursday, April 30, 2015

38-Year-Old Jason Williams Goes Full 'White Chocolate' At The Orlando Pro-Am

Former NBA player Jason Williams was famous for his dizzying handles and gravity-defying passes. However, even at the age of 38, it doesn't seem to have lost a step.

When Jason Williams came into the league, he instantly became one of the most popular players in the NBA due primarily to his ability to handle the ball. A virtuoso passer and dribbler, Williams running the fast break was a sight to behold. The former NBA Champion has since retired after bouncing around the league in his last few years. However, when playing at the Orlando Pro-Am, Williams showed he can still ball.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

STYLE NEWS A$AP Rocky on Kanye West's Style Influence: "When I Was Sixteen I Was Inspired by Kanye West"

A$AP Rocky is known to always be ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion. Whether the rapper is rocking designer gear way before anyone elseditching brands before they get too hot, or talking about how style chooses you while making a Harry Potter reference, Rocky is an innovator. But during his CRWN interview with Elliott Wilson, he credited Kanye West with being a huge style influence. 

"I think that Kanye had a rough time in the fashion industry and I think it's all starting to pay off," Rocky told Wilson. "I mean, he paved the way for artists like ourselves. I wouldn't be here. I would be full of s*** if I didn't tell you when I was sixteen I was inspired by Kanye West. You know what I'm saying, I would be lying." 

Yeezus has influenced unmeasurable amounts of people with his style, including the entire Kardashian set. So, there's no shame in Rocky admitting he was also affected. 
Rocky goes on to talk about where he got his sense of style. "I think a lot has to do with the fact that I traveled. I lived in a lot of places as a child—Harlem, Bronx, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, then Harlem again," he said. "I'm from Manhattan. I'm from Harlem, which is a portion of Manhattan. Culture and fashion, we're the Mecca of it at the end of the day." 

My response to the Riots in Baltimore

I been watching closely at whats been happening in Baltimore...

I've been very intrigued by everybody's response on different forms of social media, from different cultures and races and it seems like America is heading towards a defining moment in which the revolution will not be televised (correctly) ... 

African Americans are sick and tired of being sick and tired so  to speak , and that anger is manifesting in the form of protest which have been inaccurately been portrayed in the media as gangs,thugs,rioters, heathens , etc... 

I'm More Malcolm X than Martin Luther anyway... 

I personally feel the words of the late 2 Pac who was a black king that was assassinated. He sets the table for whats been going on now in his interview about food in a hotel analogy. The young blacks are hungry...

Im not one for lengthy words and all,  and i express better in art here is my response to Ferguson, To Baltimore, to Trayvon, To so many of the black brothers lost in the struggle ...share the track B More (growth) if you feel it and please comment i want to get everybody's opinion on the situation

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

CHARLES HAMILTON IS BACK & performing at SOB's in NY

Charles Hamilton has been Trailblazing his way back into the spotlight, from amazing freestyles, and radio appearances, to touring his latest single NY raining with Rita Ora, Charles has been in high demand lately. 

On Tuesday March 19th Charles will be gracing the stage at SOB's which is hollow ground for him almost his home court if you will... The concert is 18+ and to gain access you must RSVP @ Check it out especially if your a fan and in the area and watch the amazing and appropriate NY raining music video below especially with the demonstrations and riots happening in Baltimore as im typing this post now.

Biggie's "Life After Death" Most Overrated Rap Album, ESPN's Bomani Jones Says

ESPN's Bomani Jones also says Guru is the most overrated rapper.

ESPN analyst Bomani Jones took some time to answer questions from fans during an episode of The Evening Jones. When asked what the most overrated Rap album is, he says that it's an album he remembers buying the day it came out: March 25, 1997.

"I was in my work getup and I went up into Blockbuster Music so that I could go in there and I could buy this double album that had just come out and it was called Life After Death," Jones says.

He explains that he likes the first disc of The Notorious B.I.G. album, but part two let him down, especially "Going Back to Cali," produced by a New Yorker who worked with both Biggie and Tupac.

"Disc two, sorry, man, you asshole New Yorkers," Jones says. "How you gonna make you a West Coast song and get Easy Mo Bee to do the beat? Huh? It's got some cool songs on it man, but the idea that that's better than Ready to Die or the idea that Life After Death is some kinda five-star album, that's just ridiculous."

When answering who the most overrated rapper is of all time, he says despite the fact he thinks the question was tricking him into saying Tupac, the most overrated rapper is Gang Starr memberGuru.

"Like Tupac, the most overrated rapper is ever is dead," he says. "And I feel kinda torn about this 'cause he's the first rapper that I ever interviewed after I started covering the rap game. But the single most overrated rapper of all time is Guru. Guru, Guru, Guru."

Jones says that without quality production from DJ Premier, Guru wouldn't nearly be as popular as he is.

"Guru's not bad, but you take Guru off them Premo beats and we ain't having no discussion about Guru, man," he says. "There's people who swear by Guru, dog, swear by Guru to the it, Guru one of the most underrated rappers of all time. The fact that you know Guru's name is rating enough."

Is Frank Ocean about to drop the most Fire RAP ALBUM of 2015 ????

By Darian O’Neil via thisisblaine

The wait is almost over. After three long years filled with frustration and anxiety, we can finally say with some confidence that we will be receiving a new Frank Oceanalbum this July (TYBG). But will it live up to the hype? After notable reclusiveness and swirling rumors, we have high expectations. But Frank Ocean is an artist who doesn’t cater to our expectations, and we might be caught off guard come July.

Frank Ocean has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. We’ve seen Kendrick Lamar challenge his creative boundaries with To Pimp A Butterfly earlier this year to much acclaim, and it appears that Frank is looking to do the same. There is reason to believe that this new, still untitled album will find Frank Ocean not only crooning love ballads, but showcasing his rapping ability.

Yes, you read that right. From the title of this article alone, you may have assumed it to be some sort of outlandish satire, but that’s not the case. The truth is, Frank Ocean might drop one of the best rap albums of 2015, and he’s been giving subtle hints for a while now.

The truth is, Frank Ocean might drop one of the best rap albums of 2015, and he’s been giving subtle hints for a while now.
We’ve heard Frank flex his lyrical prowess and silky flow on songs like “Blue Whale,”Earl Sweatshirt’s “Sunday,” and the Odd Future posse cut “Oldie.” His raps have been compared to Andre 3000’s unique blend of melody and rhyme patterns. His voice, combined with his delivery and lyrical content, make for a pretty dope ass rapper, if we’re being real. I mean, who else could say the word “fortnight” in a verse and make it sound cool? Or successfully pull off a clever entendre like “I’m hi(gh) and I’m bye/bi, wait I mean I’m straight”? The few times Frank has graced the mic to spit a few bars, he’s sounded right at home.

Just a few weeks ago, a story broke detailing how Frank was cut from Brian Wilson’s upcoming album because he wanted to “do rap” instead of sing. Earlier, OF cohort Earl Sweatshirt told NPR that Ocean “thinks he can rap now” and has been approaching him with written rhymes. And lest we forget: he’s confirmed sessions with Hit-Boy in the studio earlier last year. Do you really think the same dude that produced “Niggas in Paris” and “Backseat Freestyle” would make the chill, atmospheric type of beat that flowed through channel ORANGE? Unlikely.

Much like his OF comrade Tyler, The Creator—who has evolved from a synth-driven shock rapper to a collaborative, genre-bending artist—it seems that Frank Ocean may be straying from his initial formula. He has proven himself to be a meticulous perfectionist in the past, so there’s little doubt that any finished product will be held to high standards.

You might be tempted to tell Frank, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” but sometimes change can be for the better. Remember when Michael Jackson embraced hip-hop culture with Dangerous back in the 90’s? When Nirvana went acoustic forUnplugged in New York? When Dylan picked up the electric guitar? Remember808s & Heartbreak?

I’m not saying Frank Ocean will be rapping in the signature Migos double-time flow over bass-heavy trap beats. I’m not even saying the album will be entirely rap. It’s hard to imagine that Frank Ocean would completely abandon singing, but those expecting another channel ORANGE are likely going to be in for a surprise.

A rap album by Frank Ocean could be absolutely exquisite, especially if executed with production that suits Frank. Just imagine Frank addressing personal and emotional subject matter, but with a little braggadocio thrown in, à la his unrecorded “Versace” verse. His way with words is unparalleled, regardless of how he’s communicating the message. If channel ORANGE was Frank at his pinnacle, this next step will see him going Super Saiyan.

With the unbearably high level of anticipation that has been built for this album, it seems only right that Frank tosses his fans a curveball. With So Help Me God and Views From The 6 getting all the attention in the rap world, Frank Ocean might just come out of the shadows to trump them both and steal all the headlines. When you hear Frank spit that first bar come July, just remember…
I told you so.

NBA 2K16 MyCareer is being done by Spike Lee. James Harden And Stephen Curry are the Cover Athletes

Spike Lee's style, whether exhibited through his 1998 film "He Got Game" starring Ray Allen or through his sideline theatrics at Madison Square Garden, has made the filmmaker and Knicks superfan synonymous with the NBA culture. 
Now, he's stepping into the league's virtual reality. 

 According to a leak obtained and substantiated by Polygon, Lee plays a pivotal part in the upcoming NBA 2K16 video game, helping to develop the game's "career mode" for 2K Sports. Though details remain elusive, one can assume that stellar storytelling will accompany the game's career feature in the capable hands of Lee, both artistic and well-connected in NBA circles.

The leak also revealed three NBA superstars who will grace the game's cover: Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and James Harden, all displayed beneath a title claiming the game is a "Spike Lee joint." The players will also promote Lee's involvement on their social media channels. 

Looks like Lee, literally, got game. And for the first time in a long time, he will be a big part of a successful franchise.

NBA 2K16, featuring the tagline "Be The Story," is expected to be released in October.

As many fans know, the covers for "NBA 2K14" and "2K15" only featured one player: LeBron James for the former and Durant for the latter. The last time 2K Sports launched multiple covers was back when "2K13" was released, with Derrick Rose, Durant, and Blake Griffith. "2K12" covers had Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

There is still no word from 2K Sports but media outlets believe that "NBA 2K16" will be released in October, the same month its predecessors were released. The studio is expected to officially announce the new title next month. 

NBA 2K16's focus on realism is even greater this year around even adding real cheerleaders and team specific routines in the game.