Thursday, November 17, 2011

Take Care

Drake released his much anticipated sophomore album Take Care. For the most part the album is fire it an eccentric blend between hardcore lyrics and alcholic rants filled with emotional tantrums and regret. The album has features from Young Money /Cash Money talents like Wayne,Nikki Minaj and Baby, and also some surprises like Andre 3000, Stevie Wonder,Kendrick lamar,Rick Ross, Rihanna and The Weekend.

Overall the album is fire and appeals to the female audience but a lot of the male listeners are starting to view the Young Money Emcee as softer than a baby tush cleaned with Johnson and Johnson. Drakes leaves himself very vulnerable and come across as a captain Save a hoe mixed with a up and coming "Underground King".(that song is fire.)

Take care sounds like two albums put together but only because Drake tries to be two different artist. One minute he's singing like the Dream the next he's going H.A.M on a track with Wayne. I believe the R&B track where tough there was just one to many on the album, people expect a lot from Drake and as a rapper / fan of his music I expect a lot as well. Unfourtently i have no suggestions for him because its hard to correct someone like Drake. Even when he fails he lands on a pile of money. So I tip my hat off and expect to hear more from this young money millionaire.

Peep the album yourself tell me what you think
my faves

Lord Knows ft . Rick Ross Produced by Just Blaze

We'll be fine

Crew Love ft The Weekend