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"Yung Nate" The Great

If you’ve been rockin’ with us for any time here at on this blog then you’ve probably stumbled across the sounds of Yung Nate. If not check the music player on the side & listen to Blackout Produced by Woody. Its been a minute since we’ve heard something new, but today Nate is back, unleashing something new and serious for our listening enjoyment. The track is called “Cha$ing”.

The cut finds the wordsmith linking up with Young Renzo for something soulful, something gritty, and something lyrical. Nate is on this list because he effortlessly showcases his sounds and talents behind the mic.Yung Nate has been making noise all across America from here in the concrete jungle that never sleeps NY all the way to the city of Angels L.A. Nate and his vicious twista like flow flawlessly give us a number of quotables  ."Selling drugs does not make you a hustler. Creating opportunities for yourself, while filling needs for others is the true definition of a hustler." - Yung Nate

With the release of "Cha$ing," the first single off of Yung Nate's much anticipated debut album entitled "illumiNate," Nate and fellow artist Young Renzo show that , going through their various daily struggles and overcoming their obstacles by any means necessary. Shot by Javier Goins in Harlem.

Be sure to download "Cha$ing" to enter for your chance to win up to $500 in prizes including a chance to see Yung Nate perform live in NYC.

Download Link - 

release of "Cha$ing," the first single off of Yung Nate's much anticipated debut album

 entitled "illumiNate," Nate and fellow artist Young Renzo show that. Going through their various daily struggles and overcoming their obstacles by any means necessary. Shot by Javier Goins in Harlem.

    Album: illumiNate
    Featuring: Young Renzo
Producer: Sphiphy Beatz

Some more tunes and vids from Yung Nate

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Funny Vid Wednesday (Genesis) #FVW


Salutations to my fellow Youtube & Worldstar viewers. I probably spend way more time then i should Internet surfing and every so often I come across very funny videos. Some of these videos are made by amateurs others professionals and some by what I like to call "hood reporters". Every Wednesday I will share some videos that made me laugh and hopefully it will brighten up your hump day....bringing some joy as we approach the weekend. With the first weekly FVW here is some funny vids

Artist To Watch # 4 in 2014 Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$

Age: 18
From: Brooklyn, NY
Label: Pro.Era

Joey Bada$$ hit the scene in 2012 with his song "Survival Tactics" which impressed us with its impressive lyrics and great video. That song, along with "Waves," helped create a buzz for Joey to release his well received debut mixtape, 1999. In 2013, he released another one, Summer Knights, but it didn't feature any true standout cuts and did little to increase his appeal. His name has been growing incrementally but his career could use a shot in the arm.

There's no denying the Brooklyn rapper can spit—we've seen him hold his own amongst some of rap's most talented young rappers on  A$AP Rocky's "1 Train." And it's not often you see a young rapper as poised as Joey. The question for his upcoming debut album, B4.D@.$$, is whether it can win him the recognition ne needs to become a true force in hip-hop or if it will just solidify him as an underground presence. —Elva

Monday, April 21, 2014

If Real Life Was The WWE: Drake Vs Chris Brown

Jimmy "The Goose" Richter: Well, Prince, we're finally here at the long-awaited Drake vs. Chris Brown cage match. I can't believe it! Let's take a look at how this came about.

Prince Larry: Well, Goose, it all started with a tweet Drake sent to Chris:

Jimmy: Them's fightin' words, Prince. Let's look at Chris' response:

Prince: And now the two hip-hop heavyweights will be facing-off inside a STEEL CAGE. And that's not all, this is an Abs vs. Eyebrows Match! If Chris wins, Drake will shave off his eyebrows. If Drake wins, Chris will have to wash off his fake abs! Someone's gonna get their wig split!

Drake emerges first. He's surrounded by an entourage including the entire cast of "Degrassi," his childhood rabbi (who is also his wrestling coach), and a seemingly bored Nicki Minaj.

Jimmy: Golly, Prince, just look at those brows! It's like a nest of furry caterpillars on his forehead!

Drake waits in the middle of the cage for Chris Brown, but there's no sight of him. Drizzy paces in waiting, his eyebrows furrowed. Still no sign. The crowd is baying in anticipation.

And then, out of nowhere, a hand rips through the center of the mat, then an arm…It's Chris Brown! He's torn through the underside of the ring and emerges in the center! He's got a 2x4 in his hand! Drake hasn't even seen him yet!

Chris swings! Drake dodges just in time and stumbles to the other side of the ring. A familiar voice rings out:

"Eyyo, eyyo. I can't watch this no mo'."

It's Lil Wayne! He's walking down the ramp with a mic in one hand and a styrofoam cup in the other. "Ya'll are two of my closest homies."

As Wayne approaches the ring, Drake and Chris Brown eye one another suspiciously. Brown drops the 2x4 as Weezy enters the cage.

"Let's all just shake hands," says Wayne. He brings the two together.

The crowd boos, this is not what they came to see. Drake tentatively reaches out his hand, and Chris takes hold. Wayne smiles.

And then Chris smacks Drake square in the head! Drake goes down! Wayne is joining-in with stomps! Dreezy had been double-crossed! Oh my lord!

Wayne takes the mic. "I used to have love for you, Dreezil Kaneezle, but Young Money can't keep up with the cost of inflation, and I don't want no Canadian dollars."

The beatdown continues. Oh the humanity! What's this?! Weezy pulls out a pair of clippers. Oh lord. It's hard to watch! They're shaving Drake's eyebrows off!

As Drake's body falls to the floor, Wayne and Chris high-five and exit the cage. They share a celebratory sip of sizzurp. The cast of Degrassi is incensed, but afraid to go near the victorious brutes.

As they walk up the ramp, a rumbling emerges. Oh my God, it's Rihanna! And she's in a tank! She speeds down the ramp and runs over both Wayne and Chris in one motion. Their squashed bodies lie strewn on the ground as the tank rolls on. For good measure, Rihanna runs over the cast of Degrassi as well before exiting the tank and running towards the injured Drake. They embrace as the credits roll.

The next day, an image of Drake appears:

Drake & Miguel becomes the Tag Team Champions

Friday, April 18, 2014

Artist to watch #5 in 2014 Steve Nieves AKA Kal-El Beats

Artist to watch #5 in 2014 Steve Nieves

Super star producer in the making Steve Nieves is Part of The Splitzville take over, and are next artist to watch in 2014 .Steve AKA Kal-El beats has earned his place on this list by doing what he does best...making some dope ass beats.

His production skill is unquestioned and not unnoticed. Steve has received high praises from artist,producers, A&R's (Sony, Universal, MMG,), and notable people such as DJ Absolut and Cipha Sounds. Steve works closely with his team and is responsible for creating career defining production that can make or break artist. One thing he has proven as a producer is his ability to be supremely clutch, creating  beats that would make Kanye nod in awe and approval. Steve is always in tune with what's going on in the industry, hearing samples and potential beats & runs thats many producers don't hear, or dont have the talent to flip. Steve aka Kal-EL will continue to improve so i guess it wont be long until you say its "Its Just Blaze,It Kanyeezy, nope its Kal-EL beats FTW."

Check out some of Steves work and his sound cloud below

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why My DUDE CHILDISH GAMBINO killing these rappers tho....

For real Donald Glover is killing these weak N*ggas..."Dont Be Mad That Im Doing Me Better Than You Doing You"

"You got untensils but are you eating tho"!?

Chris Browns Dance Moves be on another level tho...Preview video Dont Be Gone To Long

Breezy's amazing dancing is back.

Chris Brown and Ariana Grande's new collaboration 'Don't Be Gone Too Long' has been a long time coming after the two both teased its release last month, only for the premiere date to be pushed back.

But finally fans have been given a taster of what they can expect from the new song, as Breezy has released a three-and-a-half minute preview clip.

Chris Brown is seen showing off his classic moves as the dance inspired track plays on in the background.

"Don't be gone too long cause you won't be there to love me when you're gone," Breezy sings.

Yesterday Chris Brown released a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot for his 'Loyal' video, featuring Tyga and Lil' Wayne. The clip shows the singer hanging out on set and rehearsing his choreography.

Watch the teaser for 'Don't Be Gone Too Long' above.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Captain America The Winter Solider Easter Eggs

So lets talk about all the SPOILERS for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER! The movie has been out for a few days now in the UK so its seems like a good time to talk SPOILERS.

So more than just discussing all the plot points I will be going into the easter eggs and references to other characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Easter Eggs and References:

STARK/Avengers Tower

In the scene where the three Helicarriers are locating their targets we see a glimpse of Stark Tower in which we see the name "Anthony Stark", this is Tony Stark/Iron Man so one of HYDRA's aims was to eliminate the Avengers. This tower is now AVENGERS tower, the base of operations for the superhero team.

Steve's To Do List

Near the beginning of the film where Steve and Sam first meet, we see Steve has a little notebook containing all the things he's missed because of him time as a 'capsicle'. This list contains such things as Star Wars, Star Trek, Steve Jobs, The Moon Landing, The Berlin Wall, Nirvana and The Rocky Movies, its a nice little touch because we see a lot of monumental moments from history.

Batroc The Leap

This was just a small nod to the comic books as Batroc is a Captain America villain that had a slightly ridiculous looking costume. The Russo brothers paid homage to that by toning down the costume but still giving him his signature colors.

Repulsor Technology

When Nick Fury tells Captain America of Project Insight. He shows him the three huge Helicarriers underneath the Triskellion. During this scene he mentions that the flight tech was upgraded by Tony Stark. Stark uses Repulsor technology for flight and combat in his Iron Man suit and he has upgraded SHIELD's flight tech to avoid another incident like the one that happened in The Avengers.

Peggy Carter

Steve's love interest from the first film makes a very poignant cameo in this sequel. Steve goes to visit Peggy Carter who of course has aged over the years while Steve still looks incredibly young. He mentions to Peggy that she still owes him a dance, which was the last thing Steve said to Peggy in the first film. We also discover later on that Peggy had helped found SHIELD.

The Favor

When we first meet Alexander Pierce played by Robert Redford he asks Nick Fury for a small favor. He asks Nick to get Iron Man to come by his niece's birthday party. This is a nice little line that makes us realize that The Avengers are now celebrities as well as heroes.

Banner's Serum

When we discover Nick Fury is still alive, the audience and the characters are wondering how the hell he is still breathing. He admits that he had taken Dr Bruce Banner's (Hulk) serum that slows the heart beat down to one beat per minute. This is a little nod to the on going struggle Bruce Banner has with his anger issues. If his heart beat meets a certain number per minute he will transform into the HULK involuntarily. The serum had apparently failed for Banner but worked fine for Nick.

Senator Stern

As you may recall, a character from Iron Man 2 makes a quick cameo. Senator Stern played by Gary Shandling makes an appearance and is revealed to be working with HYDRA!


Cap and Widow go to the very first SHIELD base, set underground Steve's old boot camp. We then discover in this scene that HYDRA controls SHIELD. Arnim Zola, the scientist working with Red Skull in the first film is now an AI, he is a super computer. This hearkens back to the comic books where Zola does indeed become a robot and follows up on the nod in the first film where we see Zola's blueprints of a robotic suit for him.

Howard Stark's assassination

During the scene with Arnim Zola, he reveals that The Winter Soldier has been performing assassinations for over 50 years. One of which was Iron Man's father Howard. Howard helped found SHIELD so he was considered a threat to HYDRA and The Winter Soldier was ordered to assassinate him. This closes a plot line from the comics where it is referenced that Howard Stark was assassinated but by an unknown killer.

Stan Lee

MARVEL geniuses, Stan Lee, has to make his cameo! In this film he is a janitor at the Smithsonian museum in Washington. After Steve retrieves his suit from the museum and Stan Lee fears he will be blamed for its disappearance.

Ed Brubaker

Ed Brubaker is the man who created the character of the Winter Soldier. He also wrote the story that this film is based on. In the scene where Winter Soldier is getting his memory erased, we see Brubaker is playing one of the scientists that is performing the procedure. Ed Brubaker is also given a thankyou credit in the end credits.

Black Widow's romance

Black Widow and Hawkeye other than being a team were once romantically involved. We see a hint to this in this movie as Black Widow's necklace has a little arrow on it. I hope in the later movies this relationship is explored more.

Bucky's future

In the comics, Winter Soldier/Bucky does indeed become Captain America after Steve is killed by Crossbones. We get a nod to this when The Winter Soldier picks up Cap's shield and holds it in quite a heroic pose. This is also a reference to the first film where Bucky awkwardly attempted to use Cap's shield that ultimately led to his demise.

Doctor Strange

In the scene where Cap, Falcon and Widow are interrogating Jasper Sitwell, and we discover more about Project Insight and some of its targets. Jasper tells Cap that Project Insight is going to eliminate all possible threats to HYDRA's plans. These threats include "Bruce Banner" and "Stephen Strange". Stephen Strange is the man who becomes Dr Strange and this mention surely solidifies his place in the MCU. We already know that eventually we will be getting a Doctor Strange movie but this mention got me very, very excited.


Brock Rumlow played by Frank Grillo is to us comic fans, Crossbones. Towards the ending of the film, we see that Rumlow has sustained a lot of burns in his fight with Falcon and is on the brink of death. His body is covered in burns but his signature crossed straps across his chest. It was revealed that MARVEL do have plans for Crossbones in future films so possibly he could be the villain for Captain America 3? Crossbones is the villain who kills Captain America in the comics so could we see that in Phase 3? This accompanied with the hint of Bucky as Captain America surely makes an interesting theory.

Nick Fury's Grave

Samuel L Jackson is most famous for his incredible performance in Pulp Fiction. In Pulp Fiction, Samuel L Jackson's character is a very religious man and reads some scripture in one scene. On Nick Fury's fake grave we see the words "The path of the righteous man… Ezekiel 25:17.” This is a nod to Jackson's most popular performance.

The End Credits Scene

So at the very end of the credits we see Bucky/Winter Soldier going to the Smithsonian and discovering his true identity. There is a memorial for James "Bucky" Barnes at the Captain America exhibit that features a picture of Bucky and a biography on him. This certifies that Bucky will be back for more MARVEL movies.

The Mid Credits Scene

Okay, so this is the big one. This is the scene that had me jumping in my chair like a 10 year old boy. In the mid credits scene, directed by Joss Whedon, we see Baron Von Strucker, a Captain America villain from the comics who is a member of HYDRA. Strucker is in possession of Loki's scepter from The Avengers and is performing tests on it, probably trying to possess its power. But he is in possession of something even more incredible. He has imprisoned The Twins. For those of you who don't know, The Twins are Pietro and Wanda Maximoff or Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. We see the twins locked up in separate cells performing their powers. Quicksilver is manically running around his cell and Scarlet Witch is using her telekinetic powers on some wooden blocks that she then destroys with her powers. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are both in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron as well as Baron Von Strucker. So it will be Baron Von Strucker who uses The Twins to try and kill The Avengers but we all know they will inevitably end up being on the team as heroes. In the comics Wanda and Pietro are the children of Magneto, who is of course an X-Men character. Because of a deal MARVEL and FOX have, both studios have the rights to the characters. But FOX own the rights to Magneto and Mutants. So in the MCU, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch cannot be called Mutants or the children of Magneto. In this years X-Men: Days Of Future Past we will see Quicksilver but in no way is that connected to next years Avengers: Age Of Ultron. The design of these characters in this mid credits scene is absolutely spectacular and had me in awe and I can't wait to see them in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron! So that's all the Easter Eggs and References that I got from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Does Michael Jordan Have The Greatest Sperm of all time?

Judging by the title of this article you already know its filled with Tom Foolery. But lets try to look
at the facts.

On the court, Michael Jordan made his opponents look like children. Off the court, His Airness continues to, well, make children.  Yvette Jordan, 35, gave birth to Victoria and Ysabel  identical twin daughters in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Victoria and Ysabel are kiddos number four and five for the cigar-chomping, Charlotte Bobcats team owner; but his first two with current wife, Cuban-American model Yvette.Jordan has three children -- two sons, Jeffrey Michael and Marcus James, and a daughter, Jasmine -- with former wife Juanita Vanoy. They divorced in 2006.

Jordan is also the owner of the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats, who are currently the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference and have a chance to make the postseason for the first time since he took over as majority owner in 2010.

Jordan is older man at 51 but still producing healthy twin babies. If you say Jordan is the best basketball player of all time few would argue but the real question is does he have the best semen of all time??? I know its a stupid question but hey this is all entertainment. Might as well have some fun with all this blogging. By the way here is the two beautiful munchkins Jordan produced. This article on Jordan was brought to you by King Blaine..Jordan Year up baby (23).

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Big Sean's Engagement is OFF...Here is The Updates To Why????

I'm Sorry to report this but its seem Big Sean may be having engagement issues. Six months after Naya Rivera showed up on a red carpet sporting an engagement ring from boyfriend Big Sean, a representative for the rapper told Us Weekly that they will not be getting married any time soon.

"After careful thought and much consideration, Sean has made the difficult decision to call the wedding off. The recent rumors and accusations reported by so called or fake sources are simply untrue. Sean wishes Naya nothing but the best and it is still his hope that they can continue to work through their issues privately. We will not be commenting again on this matter," the rep said.

Those rumors include an article claiming that the Detroit rapper cheated on the Glee star. The Us Weekly story quotes a source who confirms that Sean is the one who called off the wedding and that, "Sean did not cheat on Naya and the allegations are 100% false and untrue."

Sean and Rivera met on Twitter and went public with their relationship a year ago. The couple had not previously releaesd a wedding date, but Rivera had revealed that Sean was extremely helpful in the wedding planning, saying, "We definitely bounce things off of each other [and] we're always on the same page about everything, which is probably why we're getting married."

The source told Us Weekly: 'Sean did not cheat on Naya and the allegations are 100 per cent false and untrue.'

As recently as April 4, they appeared to be engaged after Naya tweeted 'thanks' to Cosmopolitan magazine for listing the pair on their 'most wonderful, absolute cutest engaged celebrity couples' list.
A source told TMZ that Sean never cheated, but decided to call off the wedding weeks ago because she was too 'controlling' and 'jealous' over women he worked with.

It was a different story in January when Naya gushed to Cosmopolitan For Latinas about the rapper.
'I think he's going to be an amazing husband, and he'll make a great father someday,' she gushed of the star - whom she met on Twitter early last year before taking their budding romance offline. 'He's so kind to people.'

Identifying the most with her Latin heritage - she's half Puerto Rican, a quarter African-American and a quarter German - the star proudly admitted that she inherited the tough, independent traits that come with it.
However, in Sean, she believed she had found someone who is equally strong, which she said was part of what drew her to him in the first place.

'He wears the pants in our relationship, which I love,' she said. 'We Latinas are very independent and strong, so it's even sweeter that I've found somebody who can let me out of that role for a minute.'
The last photo featuring Sean on Naya's Instagram page was posted three weeks ago, describing him as one of her 'favourite men'.

I'm pretty sure Big Sean has new life experiences to put into his music.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Are you having The Quarter Life Crisis???? IM NOT EVEN 25

Two weeks ago, I got a new haircut. Last week I joined a dating site. Today, I told my landlord that I would not be renewing my lease because I planned to spend the next year backpacking. Through where? I do not know. All I know is that I feel stuck.

I am 25 and confused and in the middle of what has been referred to as a "quarter-life crisis." I feel permanently behind, as if time sped up and forgot to take me with it. I am overanxious and underwhelmed. Every piece of mail seems to be either a bill or an invitation to a wedding or baby shower, and I don't even have a plus one. This is not how my 20s were supposed to turn out.

I recently looked back at the Crayola timeline of goals that I had scribbled for myself to accomplish by the age of 21. I have achieved one. I finished college. I am neither a lawyer nor a screenwriter. I am a graduate student reading about the law and media theories. I am neither a wife nor a mother. I am single, childless, and have recently considered freezing my eggs and someone's sperm. I feel hopeless. Damian Barr describes similar feelings in his book Get It Together: A Guide To Surviving Your Quarter-Life Crisis
Disney movies, our parents' expectations, and childhood platitudes ("just think positive, things will work out, something will turn up, look on the bright side...") don't prepare most of us for our 20s. No one warns us that "dream jobs" are a myth or that "the one" doesn't exist and that "happy endings" are something that you pay for in massage parlors. We do not learn about unemployment and debt, loneliness and structural inequality -- we do not experience reality. Instead, we are told to get good grades so that we can go to a good college and get a good job and find a good husband or wife. Where is the Dr. Seuss book on what to do when your reality seems to consist only of a bunch of unmet expectations -- unemployment, a job you tolerate, debt you can't afford to pay, a relationship status that makes you want to deactivate your Facebook?

As a member of the Google/WebMD self-diagnosis generation, I took it upon myself to seek a virtual diagnosis. After pinpointing signs and symptoms, I detect that I, along with many other twenty-somethings, am a victim of Obsessive Comparison Disorder and Undefined Purposeness. Paul Angone, author of 101 Secrets for your Twenties, defines this new OCD as "our compulsion to constantly compare ourselves with others, producing unwanted thoughts and feelings that drive us into depression, consumption, anxiety, and all-around discontent." In other words, we waste far too much time clicking through select Facebook albums, telling ourselves that everyone "has it better," instead of celebrating our own accomplishments and trying to figure out where we are going next and how we plan to get there. Which takes me to "Undefined Purposeness." I define this as a lack of knowing one's life purpose, which results in a state of stuckness, an inability to live a truly meaningful life.

I have yet to figure out my true purpose in life, and unfortunately, everything that you do -- in your personal life, professional life, free time -- falls out of a grasp of what your purpose is. Until you figure that out, you are pretty stuck.

In an attempt to cure my recent diagnoses, a friend recommended that I read Clayton Christensen's How Will You Measure Your Life?. The author suggests that a major reason so many of us end up unfulfilled is that we have a fundamental misunderstanding about what motivates us. Too many of us focus our attention on factors that determine dissatisfaction ("hygiene factors"), such as income, status, and work conditions, rather than those that determine true satisfaction ("motivators"), such as interesting work, personal growth, and recognition. Good hygiene factors may feel great at the moment, but the problem is, this is not what makes us happy in the long run. According to Christensen, "That's not enough. You have to work out what you really love doing, what gives you a chance to shoulder responsibility and achieve meaningful things, what makes you want to get up in the morning and feel like your job is an absolute joy."

I am currently trying to figure out my motivators. Instead of constantly thinking about how my life is "supposed to be," I have started to write and reflect more on what makes me happy. Searched for healing in the wounds. I also remind myself that life takes time and that to even be able to have a "quarter-life crisis" means that I am privileged, and more than anything, should be grateful. Yes, the falseness of "happily ever after" has left me, as well as many others, delusional and unfulfilled. But let us not forget about the millions of people who cannot afford to eat, let alone Google cures for their unhappiness, because of the falsities of popular myths such as "the American Dream."

As I get ready to backpack with no (physical) destination, I plan to use what remains of my Millennial OCD to figure out my purpose. Instead of comparing myself to my recently engaged friends, I hope to embark on a journey of self-discovery, in which I find a more productive way to measure my life and the direction necessary for a happy, satisfying, and purposeful future.