Saturday, September 25, 2010


To be honest as far as Hip-hop/rap goes Hov may be my biggest influence...Period. If I made it to the game Hov would be like my favorite uncle; the one you'd admire,aspire to be,dont understand, but respect and listens to whenever he speaks. Hovito has brithed alot of artist....maybe thats why he calls himself HOVE.

Jay-z has been so consistent it makes you wonder "will he ever fall off"."NO". (A million by Jay- Z) The fascination with Hov is in his accomplishements. He's Married to R&B/ pop supernova Beyonce Knowles,he's a potential billionaire sporting his own label, clothing lines,survived battles with the greats and has worked with the greats, Biggie,Mike jackson, Mary J. Blidge, Nas, 11 number one albums, etc etc. He's so successful that he's become the ideal rapper the most loved, feared, and hated.

"You either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian."

People want to see him fall...guess you cant get to a million freinds and not make enemies. Since Jay-z is undoubtly one of the hip hop greats if you listen to his stuff you can see him transitioning to another phase in his carreer...The living legend / walking deadman...Haters want his demise they demand it!!!! Fourtanetly his lyrics suggest that he will not go out without a fight and why should he...he;s Hov. Lets see if the jigga man will survive the scrutiny.

"You want respect go up to the biggest dude and make his head crack"
"After i did it pops knew I'd be a spitting image"

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