Sunday, October 25, 2015

Premiere: Mill Vill X Vina Love "Tell Me" Lightning Stikes Twice

Who says Lightning can't strike twice...

Mill Vll & Vina Love had the internet buzzing when they collabed and gave us "Best Of Me" a remix of Hov & Mya. Now the dynamic duo seems to be following up with another banger remix in "Tell Me"...The kid from the Bronx is like a young Lebron entering the league honestly the sky is the limit and Vina Love is def a Diva in the making ... Check the vid and track out on youtube and soundcloud respectively 

Stray Shots: 6 Times Drake Got Bodied On A Track

Drake is on top of the world right now, but he's not infallible.

“Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2”

Who did it: Jay Z

Andre:There’s been a tenuous cold war happening between these two for some time. They end up on each other’s records where they throw subtle shots at each other over the course of their 16s. This time, Jigga got the better of Drizzy with lines like “I had Benzes ‘fore you had braces…” and “The homies said, ‘Hov’ it ain’t many of us / I told ‘em less is more niggas, there’s plenty of us.” Was Jay doing that thing where he subliminally disses the emcee he’s on a track with? Of course. We’re talking about Hov’ right?

Ural: Who would have thought that Hov and Drizzy would finally get together again on wax after that catastrophe that was “Off That” from The Blueprint 3? Having Nothing Was The Same end with “Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2” was the proverbial icing on the cake with two of Hip Hop’s biggest pop culture icons together. While Drake spit enough bars to keep up with Jigga Man, Roc Nation’s head managed to keep the conversation around him with this line: “I've done made more millionaires than the lotto did/Dame made millions, Biggs made millions/Ye made millions/ Just made millions/ Lyor made millions/ Cam made millions/ Beans' a tell you if he wasn't in his feelins.” Yikes.


Who did it: Nas

Andre: This little paid attention to track off Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday:... Roman Reloaded was underwhelming even with the additions of Jeezy, Drake and Nas. Everyone seemed to mail it in except Nasir, though, who proceeded to body the record with lines like “I saw my first two million dollars, I was 23 / I’m barely a man, yet, I had some killers under me.”

Ural: Having Jeezy, Drake and Nas on Pink Friday… Roman Reloaded track “Champion” could have possibly been the next “Monster.” However, Nasir Jones managed to school everyone with relatively ease with Drizzy coming off with the weakest verse. Meanwhile Nicki and Jeezy would probably tie for the second best.    

“Hell Yeah F*ckin’ Right”

Who did it: Lil Wayne

Andre: “HYFR” had the utterly cringe worthy yet ridiculously catchy and meme worthy chorus, “Do you love this shit? Are you high right now? Do you ever get nervous?” But what it mostly had was a particularly salient Lil Wayne delivering some of the best bars he’d delivered in a while, knocking Drizzy back on his heels. These two had been going back and forth on each other’s records for a while now with wins on both side. This one goes to Wayne if not only for the line, “My nuts hang like ain’t no curfew, bitch, if you wave then I will surf you..”

Ural: It’s safe to say the video for “HYFR” will be probably become more iconic in the future than Drake’s actual verse. This was totally Weezy’s party with his catchy as hook and verse like Andre mentioned above.


Who did it: Jeezy

Andre: “When I say fo’ life you say fo’ever,” croons Jeezy and right there in the opening bars Jeezy shows a newly minted Drake what it’s like to bodied on his own record. There’s an indelible charm to Jeezy that Drake just doesn’t quite know how to capture yet, and while he was relatively green (you can tell because they gave Jeezy some chorus duty, which is something that would never happen now) he just gets lost under the current of Jeezy’s grizzly tenor.

Ural: Thank Me Later was a large disappointment in terms of large major label debuts. “Unforgettable”s sample of Aaliyah’s “At Your Best (You Are Love) should have lit a fire under Drizzy’s back considering his love for the late great singer. But, Jeezy takes the cake without much effort. From the looks of things, Drake was going through the lyrical motions. Thankfully, he fared better for what could be considered his only true classic Take Care.

“Blessings (Extended Version)”

Who did it: Kanye West, Big Sean

Andre: Look, this one isn’t his fault. The original version just had he and Big Sean so Champagne Papi wasn’t stressed. Then, suddenly, Kanye comes out of nowhere to remind everyone why he’s one of the greatest of all time. HIs stream of consciousness is so mature at this point that he conveys exactly what he means to with no real fuss. Yeah, Drake killed the hook, but Kanye’s verse made the extended version one of the most sought after tracks of the year. This isn’t to say that Big Sean’s verse wasn’t murder, either. This might be one of the best verses of his career, and there’s no doubt they both came correct because of Drizzy’s presence on the track.

Ural: Drake’s hook for “Blessed” was a lot higher profile than his actual verse because Kanye’s verse is arguably his best this year besides the guest verse to Tyler, The Creator’s “Smuckers.”

“Fuckin’ Problems”

Who did it: Kendrick Lamar

Andre: Kendrick Lamar murdered this song. His “Bitch, you know you want this dick!” line is as aggressive and rappity-rap as he gets most times. No one on that track was ready.

Ural: Ironically, “Fuckin’ Problems” is one of OVO’s few collaborations where he took an active role in production through his Champagne Papi alias. Verse wise, K Dot made everyone else's verse, even the core artist A$AP Rocky, damn near unnoticeable. Guess Drake was another casualty of Lamar’s lyricism.    

Friday, October 2, 2015

Erykah Badu Remixes Drakes HotlineBling and its fiyah

Erykah Badu has shared a new song called "HOTLINE BLING BUT U CAINT USE MY PHONE MIX" from her forthcoming mixtape BUT U CAINT USE MY PHONE. It's a remix of Drake's song "Hotline Bling" that was co-written by Seven Benjamin, her son with André 3000. Listen to it above.

An interlude in the song says:
"You've reached the Erykah Badu hotline. If you're calling for Erykah, press 1. If you're calling to wish her a happy birthday, Kwanzaa, MLK, Black History Month, Juneteenth, or Hanukkah, press 2. If you're calling because you just saw her on BET, MTV, or any of the social media outlets and you're checking to make sure you're still in good standing, press 3. If you're calling to beg for some shit in general, press 4. If you're calling to beg for the shit but this is that pre-call before the actual begging, press 5. If you've already made the pre-call and this is the actual call to beg, press 6...."

and it only gets better from there.
On Drake’s “Days in the East,” we learned that he and Erykah Badu had a heart-to-heart over a cup of tea. “Remember one night I went to Erykah Badu house/ She made tea for me/ We talked about love and what life could really be for me,” Drake says. “She said, when that sh– is real, you just know.”

Tyga's new video for "Stimulated" Featuring Kylie Jenner is slightly disturbing


Tyga released his new video for the song "Stimulated" this morning, and it leaves you with more questions than answers. The clip stars Tyga's now-public girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, with the two escaping to a secluded beach house to make out and fondle, while Tyga recites his lyrics: "They say she young, I should've waited, she a big girl dawg, when she stimulated." Yup, that's Tyga bragging that he "stimulates" Jenner, while admitting that he didn't wait to do so. And, as if that weren't already flagrant enough, it turns out that "Stimulated" prominently samples the melody of a Robert Miles song called "Children."

Not only is Tyga trying to justify his obvious ongoing sexual relationship with Jenner, who just turned 18 this month, but he's now parading around the fact that he can make out with her in public and won't go to jail for it. The timing of the video is also odd. Jenner is 18 now, but was this video quickly shot and edited in the past two weeks, or was she was still 17 during this?

They're now both consenting adults and can do whatever they please, but that doesn't change the past, nor hide the fact that this is all disturbing. Do remember, back in February, Tyga adamantly denied that Kylie was his girlfriend. While it was easy to see through that, the fact that he feels deserving enough to make such a quick u-turn from "just friends" to groping Kylie in a video while he raps about the media getting on him for dating an underage girl is insane. Do better, T-Rawww. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Jeezy announces his own Champagne Brand (Drops single Gold Bottles)

By Emmaunel C.M

Jeezy will be developing his very own new luxury champagne brand. The new project will be called “Project Gold Bottles,” which inspired Jeezy’s recently released song “Gold Bottles,” off his forthcoming album Church in the Streets. The new champagne brand is expected to be released in 2016. Jeezy previously partnered up with Ken Austin, the founder Tequila Avion, as the tequila brand’s multicultural advisor and will continue that role.

“I have long loved high-end tequila and champagne and this love has inspired me to create a rich, full bodied champagne that represents my passion. I am fortunate to have a partner like Ken whose entrepreneurial track record includes my favorite ultra-premium tequila,” said Jeezy. “Ken has a deep understanding of the drinks space and several luxury categories that I know will be invaluable to growing this business. I look forward to bringing a luxury champagne to my fellow artists and fans in the near future.”

The ATL veteran’s forthcoming album will drop Nov. 13. He already released the tracks “God,” followed by “Pastor Young’s Letter” and then “Church in These Streets” off the LP. Every Sunday, Jeezy will be releasing new music as part of his #SundayService campaign. While the Thug Motivation 101 rapper supply fans with new tunes, he’s also been very vocal about the presidential race. In a recent interview he expressed his views on Donald Trump and if he’s fit hold down the white house.

“I don’t think he’s capable of being the commander-in-chief. He has the ego, but he doesn’t have the charisma,” said Jeezy. “Sometimes other things outweigh money…I don’t think he’s a leader. I think he’s a great businessman, but I don’t think he’s a leader.”