Friday, October 21, 2016

Splitzville Thisis50 DJ Thoro Interview

Peep the Splitzville Thisis50 Dj Thoro interview below and hear some sounds straight outta Harlem New York from Y. Rome & Meech Guevara Produced by The Legend Ka El Beats.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

sooooo Guadians Of The Galaxy 2 has a new trailer....NICE


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Video: Man on Crowded Subway Shares Inspiring 'Luke Cage' Brag

If you travel via mass transit, especially within a busy city, you know the routine: most people hop on their train/bus, stare at the floor, and internalize their struggle or whatever is going on in their lives. Sometimes, people may dance or play music in the hopes of getting a few spare dollars, but usually people are just trying to stay in their own zone until their stop comes up. In the above video, it looks like someone transformed the dynamic on the train, and one man's Luke Cage-inspired story is catching fire on these internets.

The video, which was captured by a Brooklyn man named Crispin Booker, starts with one man walking through the crowded train car asking for people to share their stories, mentioning that "we all have something we can celebrate." Soon enough, a tall, bearded man in a navy blue hoodie dropped some intriguing darts on the people surrounding him.

"Just about a month ago," he starts, "I'd be considered a scary guy with a hoodie; black, beard. But just a month ago on Netflix, Luke Cage made it cool!" Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker told Complex that the idea of Cage rocking a hoodie was, in a sense, a way to take the power of the hoodie back, stating that while the perception of a hoodie-wearing individual might be one thing, "You can even be a hero."

The man went on to say that he works in Manhattan, works for a hedge fund, and was donating computers to the island of Grenada, saying that he's "that new face of the black, tall, dark fellow in a hoodie." With a beard.

That man wasn't the only one to share; a guy by the name of James shared the good news about a job he had. One can only imagine what was shared before the camera started rolling, but once the train hit 59th Street, it felt like the people riding in that packed train felt a bit better about their night, or at least their commute.

Frank Ocean Blonde & The Visual Album disqualified From Grammy's

'Blonde' and the "visual album" 'Endless' were not submitted for consideration, says a source.

When the Grammy nominees are revealed on Dec. 8, one surefire contender will not be on the list: Frank Ocean, who released two albums --Blonde and the "visual album" Endless -- in August. A source confirms to Billboard that neither album was submitted for consideration by Ocean's labels, management or other reps, even though both were released well before the 2017 Grammy eligibility cutoff date of Sept. 30, 2016. 

Blonde (also known as Blond-- which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 for the week ending August 25 with 276,000 equivalent-album units, the third-largest total of the year -- was released on Ocean's own Boys Don't Cry imprint, although many traditional label functions for the still digital-only release were handled by Apple Music. Whether the album was intentionally not submitted for the Grammys or an oversight took place -- which may have been the case last year with Drake's "Hotline Bling," which also was not submitted -- was unclear at press time, although a source close to the situation tells Billboard that Ocean's team was aware of the deadlines and made the decision. 

Reps for Ocean were not immediately available for comment or had not responded to Billboard's requests for comment at press time. A rep for the Grammys confirmed that Ocean's albums had not been submitted for consideration. 

Ocean's "visual album" Endless, his last release through Def Jam, was not submitted either, but its eligibility is uncertain: It is only available as a long-form streaming video through Apple Music (which renders it ineligible for Billboard's charts). While it conceivably could have been nominated in a video category, the famously undynamic footage consists entirely of Ocean building a staircase while the album plays, making any sort of visual award unlikely. After an update of Grammy rules in June, streaming-only releases are now eligible for awards, although Endless' unusual "visual album" status may complicate that; the Recording Academy had not clarified that question at press time. 

The albums were Ocean's first full-length releases in more than four years. His previous release, Channel Orange, was nominated for five 2013 Grammy Awards and won two: one for Best Urban Contemporary Album, and another for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, for the album track "No Church in the Wild."  He was also nominated for Album of the Year and Best New Artist, and Record of the Year for "Thinkin Bout You."

Monday, October 17, 2016

K Zeus New Single "Feelings" Leak Kanye West | Kanye Blessed Mix

K Zeus is an upcoming American rap artist located in the mecca of Harlem New York, he has been teasing his fans and the public with his first Studio Album "Too Much Sauce". The idea behind the album is that his creative energy, is at an all time high. His swag, style, and how he expresses it is in the overload position. It is the epitome of being at the height  or zenith  of ones game. The belief that he is excessively greater than his competition is reflected in his braggadocios over the top Kanye West at his "Graduation" Level style lyrics. Its Stadium music with a hypnotic flow.

Zeus had been posting unofficial snippets of the track "Feeling's" , which was  slated for an official release October 21st,2016, but it seems it was leaked today on Soundcloud. Feeling's was inspired by complicated relationships in Zeus past and 808's & Heartbreaks.  The Autotune hooks is quite catchy as the lyrics implies that Zeus and his companion knows that they have feelings for one another...while the verses list the complications of the relationship. Listen to the track below and tell us what you think.