Thursday, July 31, 2014

Whats Wrong With Adult Swim & Black Jesus???

I've just been watching the trailer for "Black Jesus," a show that will premiere on August 7 on the Cartoon Network during its child-unfriendly late-night spot, which they call Adult Swim. Already at least one Christian group has begun to lobby the network to cancel the show, regarding its contents as blasphemous. (Cartoon Network is owned by Turner Broadcasting, which owns CNN.)

From what I can tell, the series is a bit of a spoof, with some foul language. The general notion seems clever: A guy who thinks he is Jesus, who might even be Jesus, lives in a poor neighborhood of Compton, California. He's got a ragged band of followers -- they look like winos and potheads -- who follow him around with lots of bantering. The scenes shown in the trailer seem relatively funny, and it appears that nobody is quite sure whether this is a madman who thinks he is Jesus or maybe the Lord himself come back in a strange outfit and, indeed, black skin. (Created by Aaron Mcgruder creator of the Boondocks).

Is this offensive? The jury will have to be out until we see whole episodes, but in concept—particularly if the rest of the show is like the trailer—it does not seem so. Let me explain.

First, let's look at the criticism: "Adult Swim is not ridiculing any other religion and wouldn't dream of mocking Mohammed or Muslims, but has no problem denigrating Christians" the conservative Christian group American Family Association writes on its website. It's certainly a good point. People feel free to mock Christianity and Jesus, but they hesitate to mock Mohammed. This is likely because some Islamic fundamentalist groups can be more than touchy and sometimes dangerous.
"Black Jesus" is a new Adult Swim comedy.

I generally don't think one should attack Mohammed, as it obviously offends large groups of sincere followers, and there are some extremists ready to kill to make their point. It was, however, truly horrific to see what happened to Salman Rushdie in 1989 when the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran issued a fatwa ordering Muslims to kill Rushdie, as he had written what the Ayatollah considered a blasphemous novel, "The Satanic Verses."

I admire Rushdie immensely, as a writer and person, and I would argue that he had every right to publish "The Satanic Verses," at least in Western countries. In the context of his book, a work of literature, he was clearly being satirical, and if satire goes, the whole shebang -- meaning literate and moral culture -- vanishes with it. Satire is one of the essential ways that human beings have for looking at themselves and laughing, seeing themselves in a larger context. As someone once said, tragedy is a short-term view of things; comedy is the long view.

But is "Black Jesus" appropriate satire, and does it do anything to harm Christianity?
As a Christian myself, I like the idea of seeing Jesus return in various guises, skin colors, outfits and social contexts. Why not? The Jesus I know and love was something of a party animal. His first miracle was to turn water into wine at a wedding: and lots of wine was apparently drunk.
 Mysterious figurine found in gnome Does papyrus say Jesus had a wife? Restaurant ad depicts Jesus smoking pot

At the Last Supper, in keeping with Jewish tradition (if you regard this as a Passover feast or seder), everybody was obliged to drink four glasses of wine. In Luke 5:27-32 the Pharisees condemn Jesus and his friends for eating and drinking with "publicans and sinners." In Matthew 11:18-19, we read that Jesus is accused of being "a drunken and a glutton, a friend of tax collectors and sinners."
On and on, the image of Jesus and his band, which includes a fair number of women -- including Mary Magdalene, Joanna and Susanna (see Luke 8:2-3) -- seems one of a merry-making group, not a pious and bedraggled or depressed conclave.

Jesus met with whores and bartenders (publicans) and all sorts of marginal folks. It's not unreasonable to think that, if he should return today, he would socialize as well with bums and pot-growers and winos, even someone from the IRS. He would associate with anyone who would lend an ear, spreading his good news, which to Christians is the joy of the coming kingdom, the joy of giving one's time and treasure to those in need, the pleasure of becoming God's hands in the world.

This was what Jesus did. Christians should understand that following Jesus means acting in the world in ways that improve it. Matthew tells us in 7:16: "By their fruits ye shall know them."

I'm sure the message of Jesus can survive "Black Jesus." And I look forward to many other versions of Jesus, in many settings. He would always speak in the lingo of the neighborhood, even if to some ears this might sound "foul-mouthed." He would show irreverence of a sort, great joy, and a passion for justice. His sense of humor would take on many forms, as it did during his life. He would spread the gospel in whatever language and manner the context required.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

17 Things People Born In The Early 90s Are Currently Experiencing

1. The realization that the next incoming high school freshmen were born in the 2000s, meaning the high school reign of 90s babies is over… and that we’re… old…

2. Prior to now, the most ill-fitted individuals that could possibly get married or raise a child were the only ones doing so, but now the people who are getting engaged and pregnant are, y’know, your friends. 

3. You’re officially in the era of “what you’re going to do.” Your entire life is defined by your future, not by what it is now. It’s the only thing people ask you about, and really the only thing you’re able to focus on.

4. Dating is awkward because you’re either going to get engaged or break up, and more likely than not in a short period of time. Gone are the days of just dating because you like each other — somebody is always wondering where it’s going. If you’re in school, you either expire by graduation or stick a ring on it, and the “where do you see yourself in 5 years” talk becomes increasingly relevant on the first date. Aka, you’re screwed.

5. You’re around peak weight gain time. Between college cafeterias and excesses of alcohol upon turning 21 or getting through finals week, not to mention your metabolism starting to slow without your appetite meeting it, you’re done for. You can’t stomach people making fun of “those who got fat after high school” because by this point, it’s basically all of us.

6. You start saying phrases such as “well, when I was in college,” or, “we didn’t have that when I went to high school!” and you follow them up with: “wow, I sound old” every goddamn time.

7. You start to befriend your siblings and appreciate everything your parents have done for you.

8. In some way or another, it’s your first time living alone — at college, in an apartment, whatever — and you’re equal parts complaining about the electric bill and having ice cream for dinner every night.

9. All your celebrity crushes growing up either just had a kid and a spread in People magazine about it, just came out of the closet, or were on the last season of Dancing With The Stars and you’re #dealing with it.

10. Prior to turning 21, you think your life will completely change once you finally do. You’ll go out with your friends, buy yourself wine, it will be heavenly. Post-turning 21, you realize that that excitement lasted about a week, and now you actually have to pay for all your drinks, and that from here on out, you’re done with birthday milestones you actually want to celebrate.

11. The celebrities the world idolizes are your age, if not younger. Kate Upton is 21. Justin Bieber is 20. Twenty. 

12. Realizing that up until, y’know, now, someone being 21 was really old (and cool) and you thought by this point, you’d not feel like a kid still, and yet here you are.

13. All your friends are either abroad, going abroad, graduating college or leaving you for another city or marriage or job.

14. Nobody takes you seriously. Your parents still don’t totally trust that you can manage on your own, trying to date anybody over 25 is impossible-to-absolutely-disastrous because nobody with their life together wants to be with someone in their early 20s. 

15. If and when you do make it into an office environment — for an internship or what not —- the overarching sentiment toward you is “oh my GOD I cannot believe you were born in the 90s!”

16. You start seeing how people turned out, in all the sad and awesome ways you predicted in high school. What they became and did, how their stories summed up at the end of the day and how funny it is that the wild party girl became a mother and the studious nerd became a young and successful social media *guru*.

17. You start seeing how you turned out — in all the sad and awesome ways you predicted/feared/hoped for in high school (and sitting with the fact that your story isn’t summing up — it’s just beginning).

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Common Like Cudi Departs From Good Music

Common on Kanye West: "We friends, but if we ain't gonna create together, it's all good."

Common, who is no longer on G.O.O.D. Music after years of working with Kanye West's imprint, recently explained why he left the label.
"Kanye didn't produce on the album," Common says in an interview with MTV. "I think he probably just gettin' to hear the album 'cause I sent it to him just the other day."Given that Kanye West's production was absent from the album, Common was asked to clarify his label situation and the story behind his G.O.O.D. Music departure.
"I'm on Artium," Common says, speaking of No I.D.'s imprint through Def Jam. "G.O.O.D. Music, that's still my family, 'Ye is my brother. Point-blank, business-wise, it wasn't like...'Ye wasn't really like 'Okay, let's go do this. Let's go do this album.' It was like, 'I'm 'bout to go do this album, 'Ye. We friends, but if you ain't really trying to...but if we ain't gonna create together, it's all good. We still brothers.' I think his focus was somewhere else...Marriage, life, good places...I cherish our friendship more than music. I'm grateful for the music we did 'causeBeandFinding Foreverwas...them joints took me to another level. We grew. We got a relationship that's stronger than that. So, if we never make music together again, as long as we bros, I'm good."
Earlier this year, in February, Common praised West's contributions to music.
"You really can't think about Hip Hop without thinking about Kanye at this point," Common said at the time. "Since he's been in the art form and the culture, he's had an impact like"man, it's unprecedented, really, as an emcee and as a producer to do what he's done in 10 years."

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Drake V Lil Wayne Tour Street Fighter Style

Okay, it’s close — and now we’re getting really excited. The Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour kicks off on August 8, which means that we’re less than a month away from this battle royale, and now the official trailer has arrived.

The “Street Fighter”-inspired clip, created by Capcom, pits Wayne against Drizzy as Sage vs. Protégé, in what is sure to be an eventful showdown.

“Since, thank god we’ve been so successful, [we'll just be] going back and forth with our hits and getting the crowd to go crazy, then just finally hit the stage together,” Weezy told MTV News on his “Krazy” video set last month. “It’s a battle type thing.”

Watch Wayne tease the tour in the video below.

Kanye West Graces GQ & discusses Drake, Marrying KIM K, & his new Single All Day

Kanye West speaks on his new music, Drake's current spot in the game, marrying Kim Kardashian and more with GQ.

At the end of last week, GQ magazine revealed that Kanye West takes the cover of their new issue. 'Ye hasn't done an interview in a minute and so you can guarantee we're soaking in every word from his latest piece with GQ, which was published on their website today, along with several new flicks from Yeezy's photo shoot.

The interview is pretty informative, as Kanye reveals plans for his new album, contemplating between a September, October and November release. The rapper reveals a new single, "All Day", is on the way, in which he raps like Jay Z, he contemplates "taking back" the top spot in the game rap (current placeholder: Drake), speaks on the importance of his family, and much more.

We've gathered a few choice quotes from the interview below.

On Drake:

"Currently that spot is taken. Let's be honest—he got last summer. Yeah. He got last summer. And I'd never given it up till last summer." [Now he's thinking about taking it back.] "It's a real question for me. Do I want to?"

On paparazzi:

Yeah. I'm a blowfish. I'm not a shark, I'm a blowfish. So that perfect example about me hitting my head, it's like a blowfish. I wasn't coming out of my house going to a paparazzi's house to attack them. I'm defending my family in front of my own house. I'm defending my name as someone's screaming something negative at me. That's a blowfish. People have me pinned as a shark or a predator in some way, and in no way am I that. I wouldn't want to hurt anyone. I want to defend people. I want to help people.

On why he chose to marry Kim:

Saying "Hey, I like Kim" isn't as inspiring to people as us getting married. And anyone that's in a relationship knows that in order to get to the point to get married and then to be married and to then carry on, it needs that work put into it. Right now, people look at it and it's like, "Wow, that's inspiring." Meaning that love is infectious. You know, God is infectious—God flowing through us and us being little-baby creators and shit. But His energy and His love and what He wants us to have as people and the way He wants us to love each other, that is infectious. Like they said in Step Brothers: Never lose your dinosaur. This is the ultimate example of a person never losing his dinosaur. Meaning that even as I grew in cultural awareness and respect and was put higher in the class system in some way for being this musician, I never lost my dinosaur.

Kim is this girl who fucking turns me on. I love her. This is who I want to be next to and be around. And then people would try to say, "Well, you know, if you're a musician, you should be with a musician, and if you want to design, you need to be with a girl from the design world." I don't give a fuck about people's opinions. Because when a kid falls in love with an airplane or a bike or a dinosaur—especially if you're an only child and it's not because of the book that the sibling was reading—it's like, fuck, you mean to tell me that the dinosaurs walked the earth and stuff like that?! That's amazing! You mean to tell me that these giant multi-ton crafts can fly that fast and that loud, and they can flip, and there's danger, the possibility of them exploding? That's fucking cool! You mean to tell me that this girl with this fucking body and this face is also into style, and she's a nice person, and she has her own money and is family-oriented? That's just as cool as a fucking fighter jet or dinosaur! And just as rarely seen.

On the direction of his new music, and the single "All Day":

I think just my usual pattern is like that. It's like a pendulum. The pendulum gains momentum by swinging in the other direction. Even lyrically, I think about certain lines that I say on my new single, which is called "All Day," that usually Jay would say, but Jay's not on there. So I say, "All day, nigga, it's Ye, nigga. Shopping for the winter, it's just May, nigga. Ball so hard, man, this shit cray, nigga. You ain't getting money unless you got eight figures." Right? Jay would have said that. And then eventually I would have came in with, like, whatever I come in with. But the balance of a meal is that when people walk in, they want water first. People definitely weren't getting water first on Yeezus. I do fight with myself to say, "Keep fighting." But also, you know, you can't win every single fight. It's a long war, and if you're out there trying to, like, blow up every single building, you won't win the war.

On an expected release:

I don't know, man. I hope I can get one of these songs out in the next couple of weeks, just to have something up and running. But I think most likely September. I go back and forth. Like, should it be September or should it be October? Should it be November? When Beyoncé was working on her last album, she took a while. I was thinking it could somehow come out in June, like Yeezus, and just kill it for the summer. But then I'm like, I have to work on Adidas and be with my child.

This time three years ago, here at the Mercer, working on "Niggas in Paris," at this time in early June, it was apparent it was still not finished. I had the "married at the mall" line, we had "that shit cray," Jay had his verse… Jay finished his verse. He always finishes, and my shit is always kind of open. Like, "Okay, now I've got the Will Ferrell sample, so I need to say something that finishes the verse. But people have to not know what it means." [laughs] So it's like problem-solving to get to the point where you're saying, "going gorillas." It's difficult sometimes.

But now, for the new album, one new thing could change everything. I had an idea of the way I wanted to do the album. And then I got a new song that's so good that the album has to be balanced against it. This song is a song that can be in the club like "Don't Like" or "Niggas in Paris." Whereas before I was working on the album and I had these beautiful songs, they were just more songs. They weren't saying, "Okay, tuck your whole summer in." They were just saying, "Hey, I'm a great musician, I make these beautiful songs, and they have all this meaning, and nobody can make anything that means this much."

On falling back from Twitter/social media (compared to his 2010 activity):

Both me and Kim had to learn how to communicate as a team. These are two LeBrons, you know? Meaning she could do shit that a girlfriend in a relationship could never do. Obviously. And I could do stuff that a guy in a relationship could never do. So if you look at half my tweets back then, they were always, like, funny tweets that I wouldn't be able to say now. It wouldn't be respectful to my relationship. It's interesting, as I'm delving into being married: Like, what is my verbal creative communication? That's another thing I really like about clothing and film—you could still communicate with a film, because it's not you. But when you're a reality star or a rapper, you are the film.

Lebron the new King of Cupcakes

Remember when LeBron James was in the middle of The Decision 2.0 and Ohio generally lost its mind, including when people went to his Akron house, and parked outside because there was supposed to be an announcement? This despite the fact that James wasn't actually at the house in Bath Township; he was in Las Vegas at the time.

Well now that James has returned to the Cavaliers and started to repair relationships there, he's also making amends with his neighbors. This tweet made the rounds Wednesday morning, from a neighbor showing the apologetic note and a gift from the James family.

So that's nice of him.

"We know things have been hectic in the neighborhood these past few weeks and we are sorry for the chaos," the note reads. "We are so thankful to live in this wonderful community and we are so blessed to have understanding neighbors like you."

"As a gesture of our gratitude and appreciation, our family wants to give you something that is meaningful to us, our foundation's cupcakes. We hope you enjoy the treat!"

The family sent six "Just A Kid From Akron" Cherry Cola Cupcakes and six "Home Court Chocolate Chunk" Cupcakes. The cherry cola one may not sound good on the surface, but the flavors actually lend themselves well to a cupcake, one would think. A local confectionery, Caroline's Cupcakes, had posted on Facebook the week before James' decision that he was returning to Cleveland, so you wonder how long this whole thing was in the works. But a nice thing for James to do. He's just picking up the approval rating all over Ohio.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Breaking News Jay & Bey going their separate ways after the tour

Jay Z and Beyonce are reportedly going to separate after their joint On The Run Tour.

The couple, who have been dogged by split rumours for months, are said to be planning a trial separation but do not want to go ahead with a divorce.

A source told The New York Post’s Page Six: "They are trying to figure out a way to split without divorcing. This is a huge concert tour and they've already gotten most of the money from the promoters up front. There are no rings, if you haven’t noticed."
It is believed the couple - who have a two-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy - thought having their first child would bring them closer together but they soon drifted apart again and couldn't bring back the original spark.

The source explained: "For just a split moment, things got real for them and she was even talking about adding to the family.

"But, after a while, Jay was out doing Jay and Bey was out doing Bey. They made the classic mistake of thinking a child would change everything and help to rekindle the initial fire, and it didn't."
The tour is believed to be the last for Jay Z, 44, and Beyonce, 32, after marriage counsellors failed to help them get their relationship back on track during recent weeks.

It comes just two months after Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles, was seen on leaked CCTV footage attacking rapper Jay Z in a lift after the Met Ball after-party.

The couple have been putting on a united front during their tour and have been seen looking loved-up on stage, despite the rumours.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

10 takeaways from the 2014 ESPYs

LOS ANGELES – When I arrived at the Red Carpet for the 2014 ESPYs on Wednesday, I had a few expectations.
  • Touching, memorable moments
  • Hilariously dressed athletes
  • Awkward moments
Check, check and check.
The ESPYs. What a genius idea. It’s the only place you can see John Calipari chilling with the Los Angeles Kings or Richard Sherman interacting with Danica Patrick. It’s the only place where I can get a fist pound from Chris Berman, take a selfie with Metta World Peace and get turned down for a selfie by Clint Dempsey (whatever, dude).
Now that all the awards have been handed out (the Seattle Seahawks won best team andhere’s the rest) and we’re done letting Drake’s uncomfortably perfect jokes sink in, here are 10 takeaways from the awards show:
Micheal Sam
Wow. Sam’s powerful acceptance speech for the Arthur Ashe Courage Award was one of the most memorable moments in the ESPYs history. Read more here.
Stuart Scott  So those aforementioned touching moments, yeah, there were plenty. Chris Berman introduced a nice tribute video for impactful athletes that’ve passed in the past year. But the best was saved for last as ESPN anchor Stuart Scott’s touching story of never quitting was told after he won the Jimmy V award. “Don’t ever give up” are the famous words that defined Valvano, and Scott epitomized them. “I’ve presented this award before and although intellectually I get it… at my gut level, I really didn’t think that I belonged with those people. (pauses) Now I do,” he said. Josh Sweeney Of all the athletes I recognized on the red carpet, the one I didn’t was easily the most inspiring. Josh Sweeney was in a wheelchair and I introduced myself, asking him what award he was up for. “The Pat Tillman Award,” he said. Sweeney’s story is truly incredible. He’s got a Purple Heart and an Olympic Gold Medal. Forget championships.
Drake’s performance It was the biggest question heading into the night. A hip-hop dude hosting the ESPYs? We know Drake’s singing/rapping career helped him start from the bottom and now he’s here. We know now why his soap opera/acting career did not. After what started off as a funny yet uncomfortable opening act, then he started performing. His “Honorable Mentions” and “Side Pieces” tracks hit home.
Drake’s bad jokes Dan Marino’s face said it all during Drake’s opening monologue. Audience members and those on Twitter weren’t exactly feeling Drake’s vulgar sense of humor at first. A few lowlights: Making fun of Prince Fielder’s ESPN Body Issue picture, making an uncomfortable sex joke relating to Tim Howard’s goalkeeping, and an unneeded poke at the Redskins.
Drake’s good jokes  He had his moments. Some highlights: “What does $40 million get you in Cleveland? … Cleveland.” His Johnny Manziel mushrooms joke was gut busting. And his Lance Cam skit playing off Lance Stephenson’s blow-in-your-air moment with LeBron James was quite comical. He also got friendzoned by Skylar Diggins.
Blake Griffin kind of saved the show.

Griffin’s try-not-to-laugh moment following Drake’s Donald Sterling joke was perfect. And his skit with Drake, Drake vs. Blake or Blake vs. Drake reassured us that Drake is actually funny. Drake had a fake interview with Bill Simmons in which he was impersonating Griffin and said, “I’m Blake Griffin, and I look like a black guy who jumped in a pit of Cheetohs.” Classic.
Intros. Easily the biggest pitfall of live shows. There were plenty of awkward moments, but there were also a bunch of well-done skits including Floyd Mayweather (5-foot-8) and Maria Sharapova (6-foot-2), which also poked fun of Mayweather’s humble character.

Russell Westbrook’s outfit was something only Russell Westbrook could wear. (Looking like a “Walking bag of Skittles” according to Drake). His Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Kevin Durant was sporting a Leprechaun green suit. Fellow NBAer Damian Lillard was sporting a Fonzworth Bentley-esque getup. Danica Patrick was voted best dressed by FTW readers.
The best jokes you didn’t hear: Let’s end with some behind-the-scenes access here. Heisman winner Jameis Winston is the most famous college football player. One autograph-seeking lady on the red carpet apparently didn’t know this. She shouts “JIMMY” at the top of her lungs. Shortly after Winston turned around and gave her a you-don’t-know-who-I-am eyebrow raise, some dude informs her “he’s the dude who stole seafood.”
O yea and there was this 
and this 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Avengers 2:Age Of Ultron Biggest Movie Ever

Long-time Marvel Comics readers will be delighted to see the faithful adaptation of Ultron’s design, but keep in mind that we know actor James Spader (The Blacklist) is performing motion capture and face capture for his role. He’s not just the voice of Ultron so either that robotic face depicted above opens up to reveal something akin to Spader’s real look or Ultron, in his efforts to become stronger, continuously upgrades himself/evolves and we get a slightly more humanoid version later. After all, we know The Vision (Paul Bettany), another new robotic character joining The Avengers 2, will have his real face like the Vision from the comics as well.
Aslo note the superhero duds of Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America (Chris Evans) and Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man  (Robert Downey Jr.). Iron Man’s new suit is very similar to his Iron Man 3 (more tan than red) colors with more red on the chest. Cap’s new suit is a blend of his Stealth Suit from Captain America: The Winter Soldier but brings back the red with some darker shades for all the colors.

It’s difficult to make out in the cover image but Cap’s new suit features The Avengers symbol (the “A”) on his arm – something we’ll be seeing from the new team as they use Stark’s tower as their official base of operations and get new costume and equipment upgrades. Cap’s Suit and an early makeshift version of Ultron appeared in unofficial set photos previously and we’ve seen the other Ultrons (in the background of this cover) in the first official Avengers: Age of Ultronconcept art (one example below featuring Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver).
The most interesting information is the quotes and story details the EW cover story also provides about Ultron’s new origins. Hank Pym a.k.a. Ant-Man creates Ultron in the comics but we know Joss Whedon is changing that up for his film and what we suspected last year about Tony Stark being responsible is true. With S.H.I.E.L.D. no longer serving as Earth’s defense and first response against the unknown and other-worldly, it’s up to The Avengers, And to help them out and given them a break, Stark develops Ultron, a sentient program, an artificial intelligence that will him to serve as an Avenger without actually suiting up himself – building off of what we saw in Iron Man 3 where we met an Iron Legion of automated suits in the final act.

This self-aware AI – perhaps an evolution of JARVIS from the Iron Man films and The Avengers 1 - can locate threats and control Stark’s legion of drone suits to deal with them… until Ultron decides that humans are the greatest threat. Joss Whedon, while smiling and rubbing his hands together:
“Ultron sees the big picture and he goes, ‘Okay, we need radical change, which will be violent and appalling, in order to make everything better’; he’s not just going ‘Muhaha, soon I’ll rule!’ He’s on a mission. He wants to save us.”

AGENTS OF SHIELD SEASON 2 Coming in September

Ward is still part of the team...YES!

When will Agent Coulson, Agent May, and super-hacker Skye be back? ABC has just announced their fall series premiere dates for the 2014-2015 season. No word yet on when Marvel's Agent Carter will officially start up as a midseason show, airing during SHIELD's wintertime break in SHIELD's time slot, but here are all the details for CastleScandalOnce Upon a TimeModern Familyand the rest of ABC's returning fall shows. As well as newcomersForeverHow to Get Away With Murder, and the John Cho/Karen Gillan comedy, Selfie.

Forever, starring Fantastic Four's Ioan Gruffudd as an immortal man living in New York, will be kicking off premiere week with two new episodes, with a special sneak preview on Monday, September 22nd, and a second, all-new episode on Tuesday, September 23rd, for its regular time period premiere.
In addition, there will be two special nights of Dancing with the Stars Results Show this season, airing on Tuesday, September 16th and Tuesday, September 23rd, from 8:00-9:00 p.m., ET.

The Season 2 premiere of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD will air on Tuesday, September 23rd at 9pm.

Tuesday, September 23
9:00-10:00 p.m. - Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

10 Times We Couldn't Believe Our Eyes During Beyoncé and Jay Z's On the Run Tour

Let's face it, it was all Yoncé

Over the weekend, our lives changed forever when we finally feasted our eyes on Beyoncé and Jay Z's On The Run tour. Pror to the show, we were nervous that it had been hyped too much, but as soon as the Carters hit the stage we remembered that it's impossible to overestimate the fierce twosome.

The two hour, 44-track set was as much a trip down memory lane — with early 00's hits like "Crazy in Love," "Naughty Girl," and "Public Service Announcement"  — as it was a medley of the pair's latest slew of hits from Beyoncé's self-titled album and Jay Z's Magna Carter Holy Grail. Whether performing solo or together, each oozed guesto and sex appeal. As for those pesky cheating rumors, the concert put all of our worries to rest. This, despite Bey showing off her vengeful side with ballads like "Ring the Alarm" and "Resentment." They certainly like to keep us guessing.

Naturally, we've been going through Bey and Jay withdrawl ever since they closed the show with "Lift Off," and have to to relive some of our favorite moments. Let's face it, they all belong to Yoncé.

1. The couple opened with "03 Bonnie & Clyde," then stared out at the crowd like this:

2. Oh, and Beyoncé turned around and proved to us that she may be a mom, but she still looks fierce.

3. Trouble in paradise? We think not. Yoncé threw up her hubby's hova hand sign in head-to-toe Versace.

4. Bey repped her home state Texas in studded leather and denim cut-offs.

5. Blue Ivy's parents showed off some major PDA.

6. Queen Bey commanded the crowd with fiery rendition of "Ring the Alarm."

7. She debuted an all-black-look designed by New York City's own Alexander Wang.

 8. Mrs. Carter sang "Resentment,'" with those cryptic, rumor-fueling lyrics live.

9. The couple performed Jay's hit "Forever Young."

The Set List
1. '03 Bonnie & Clyde
2. Upgrade U
3. Crazy in Love
4. Show Me What You Got
5. Diamonds Is Forever
6. N****s in Paris
7. Tom Ford
8. Run the World (Girls)
9. Flawless
10. Yoncé
11. Dirt off Your Shoulder
12. Naughty Girl
13. Big Pimpin'
14. Ring the Alarm
15. On to the Next One
16. Clique
17. Diva
18. Baby Boy
19. U Don't Know
20. Ghost / Haunted
21. No Church in the Wild
22. Drunk in Love
23. Public Service Announcement
24. Why Don't You Love Me
25. Holy Grail
26. F**kWithMeYouKnowIGotIt
27. Beach Is Better
28. Partition
29. 99 Problems
30. If I Were a Boy
31. Ex-Factor
32. Song Cry
33. Resentment
34. Love on Top
35. Izzo (H.O.V.A.)
36. I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)
37. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)
38. Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)
39. Pretty Hurts
40. Part II (On the Run)
41. Young Forever
42. Halo
43. Lift Off

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tekken 7 Is Coming & Its Coming Soon

We'll know more about the game at Comic-Con on July 25, says Bandai Namco.

Story-related teaser trailers for games about strategically (or not-so-strategically) mashing gamepad buttons probably aren’t going to do it for you, so think of this more as someone saying “Tekken 7 is real!” for approximately one-and-a-half minutes.

That’s how long the announcement/teaser trailer for Tekken 7 is. After watching it, you’ll know the seventh installment in this venerable fighting series exists, but alas, nothing of what it looks like.

Bandai Namco confirmed that a leaked version of the trailer was in fact legit by posting the official version. The trailer makes it clear we’re to learn more about the game — which uses Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 — at Comic-Con on July 25.

We don’t have a release timeframe yet, nor do we know which systems Bandai Namco’s targeting, but it’s probably not unsafe, given Unreal Engine 4′s March 2014 debut, to presume it’ll at least be available on PS4 and Xbox One. Also of note, not that it’s wildly significant: this is the first fighting game announced using Epic’s new Unreal tech. Given how animation-focused fighting games tend to be, since by nature they can afford to spend lavishly on the fighter models, when Bandai Namco finally shows this thing in action, here’s hoping it knocks our socks off.

Drake New Album Is Called Views From The 6

Drake hasn’t even begun recording his fourth album in earnest, but it already has a title: “Views From The 6.”

Drake was set to confirm the album title Tuesday morning (July 15) as part of an exhaustive roster of upcoming projects. The first arrives tomorrow (July 16), when the 27-year-old rapper hosts The ESPYs on ESPN. Then his record label OVO Sound, distributed by Warner Bros., will release its first two projects – Majid Jordan’s EP “Place Like This” and PARTYNEXTDOOR’s second full-length release, "PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO" on July 29. PARTYNEXTDOOR premiered a new song with Drake, “Recognize,” earlier this week as one of two songs available on the album’s pre-order.

Up next is OVOFest, Drake and October’s Very Own’s fifth annual hip-hop festival in Toronto, which returns to the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre on Aug. 3 and 4 with headlining sets from Outkast and Drake himself. Over 35,000 tickets to this year’s festival sold out in record time, with a long list of surprise guests expected to appear as they have in years past -- Kanye West, Lil Wayne, TLC and J. Cole are among the bold-faced names who showed up last year.

Immediately following OVOFest, Drake heads out on a 31-city co-headlining tour with Lil Wayne, which kicks off Aug. 8 at New York’s Darien Lake Performing Arts Center. As sponsored by video-game publisher Capcom (makers of "Street Fighter"), the tour is set to be formatted like a battle each night. "A lot of people still don't know it's a real thing, but it's real and it's going to be very competitive,” Drake said last week in a conference call discussing his ESPYs plans.

And there may be a few more tricks up Drake’s sleeve. As he details on “0 to 100 / The Catch-Up,” a new track he dropped in early June: “We already got spring 2015 poppin’ / PND droppin’ / Reps-Up P droppin’ / Majid Jordin droppin’, OB droppin’ not to mention me droppin’.” Of that list of other OVO signings, P. Reign (aka Reps-Up P) and OB Obrien (aka OB) have yet to announce official releases.

As for Drake’s new album, it’s not entirely clear what “The 6” is, though a recent online hoax would suggest it’s a reference to his hometown. Shortly after April Fool’s this spring, pictures of fake Toronto billboards supposedly planted by Drake started cropping up, and got picked up by blogs like Complex and HotNewHipHop. One of them was emblazoned with the number 6, while another read “T6r6nt6 – 416 The Six 647,” shouting out the city’s two most prominent area codes. Drake fan site Word on Road ultimately shot the veracity of the billboards’ existence down, but chances are “Views From the 6” are as much of a hometown shout-out as Jennifer Lopez’s Bronx-repping “On The 6” was back in ’99.

Shabazz Napier Unfollows Lebron James On Twitter

It's safe to say that LeBron James hasn't made many friends from this year's rookie class. First, Joel Embiid blocked James on Twitter after his recruiting pitches went unanswered. Now, Shabazz Napier is erasing anything related to James on his Twitter account.
When the Miami Heat drafted Napier, it appeared that the pick would help the team keep LeBron in South Beach. After all, James had made it known that he was a big Napier fan. It looked like drafting the point guard was a wise move by Miami.
Napier even followed James right after the draft:
Over the weekend, James signed a two-year deal, according to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, with the Cleveland Cavaliers. 
Napier has since unfollowed the four-time NBA Most Valuable Player, and he has deleted any tweets sent to him.
That's probably the best way for the young player to handle the disappointment. Napier entered the league thinking that he was going to play with arguably the best player in the world. Now that James has signed elsewhere, Napier and the Heat have to move on.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Drake & Chris Brown in The Studio...BUT WHY???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drake played it cool when Confidenti@l spoke to him about his former nemesis Chris Brown and his ex-love Rihanna.

The rapper shied away from talk that his longstanding feud with Brown — which reached a head when the two had a brawl at W.i.P. nightclub in New York in 2012 — is over now that Drizzy shared a shot of them together via Instagram on Friday. He also gave the broadest hint that he and Rihanna were never serious, insisting he has always been a “bachelor.” “Actually, my status (as a bachelor) hasn’t changed, just to clear that up,” he said.

Drake will host the 2014 ESPYs along with LeBron James on Wednesday, and he told us he’s completely focused. “I have put everything on hold to give the best possible performance I can at this awards show,” he said. “When I commit to something, I don’t let my focus stray.” Drake promises “a few jokes” for athletes at
the ceremony, which will be televised live at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.
After their infamous club fight in June 2012, the world pretty much ruled out any chance of a Drake and Chris Brown collaboration. But that’s all changed since the superstar duo were spotted together in the recording studio. Why collab now? Drake couldn’t pass up the “potential to be epic,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Drake, 27, and Chris Brown, 25, won’t let an old rivalry over Rihanna, 26, ruin a potential hit song for both of them! The singers confirmed they were in the studio together in an Instagram photo posted by Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson. In the pic, Chris looks like he’s singing — and Drake listens approvingly. This is all happening because Drake won’t let anything — or any feud — stand in the way of his career!

Drake: Why The Rapper Agreed To Record Music With Chris Brown

Not even a club fight can keep Drake from collaborating with another famous musician. “Drake’s always been about his music and making his money and no one will ever come between that — not even Chris Brown,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.
“There are no issues between them whatsoever as you can see. Drake has always said he doesn’t have a problem with Chris and he meant that,” our source reveals. Drake couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make a hit!

“He will work with anyone in the biz if he thinks the collab has the potential to be epic,” our source admits.
We think right now is the perfect time for these two to record music together — we can’t wait to hear how the track (or maybe even tracks!) turns out!

Drake: He Doesn’t Care What Rihanna Thinks About Collab With Chris Brown
We previously reported that Chris was a big fan of Drake’s music and was open to recording with him. But one person who most likely was NOT open to this? That’s Drake and Chris’ ex, Rihanna. We’ve learned that Drake doesn’t really care what Riri thinks about this collab!

“He’s sure Rihanna doesn’t agree with him working with Chris, but at the end of the day, he’s going to make his own decisions,” a source close to Drake tells EXCLUSIVELY. “And like he told Rihanna from the jump, he’s about his music and that comes first — even if it is doing a collab with Chris.”
What do YOU think about Drake putting an “epic” song and "making money over an old feud? Let us know!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Meek Mills "Is Going To Jail NA for atleast 3-6 months" !!!!!!!!!!

A judge has sent Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill to jail for three to six months for violating his probation on a 2009 drug and gun case.
The Philadelphia Inquirer ( ) reports that Mill and his lawyer spent almost four hours Friday trying unsuccessfully to persuade the judge not to lock him up.Mill, whose real name is Robert Williams, has been a regular in court for nearly two years. He has been disputing the terms of his probation.
The newspaper says Mill had booked concerts between July 11 and August 11, when the judge had ordered him to stop while she tried resolving his probation problems.Mill was supposed to headline a concert Friday night in Washington. The judge told the 27-year-old rapper's attorney that wasn't going to happen.
Mill has been going through alot lately with internal issue with other members from his label (wale) now to a probation he just cant seem to shake. When more details emerge we will stay close to this situation and bring ya'll the latest news.