Thursday, May 28, 2009

Intruder ALERT

Someones been intruding, who could it be???
The theif steals thy mind and intrudes thy thoughts.
Stealing thy time thy life thy speech
she steals what I cherish the most
There is an intruder and it takes what it wants
so ima goner if I am what she wants
...Ight lets cut the poetry shyt i shud stick to rapping ( gotta hear some of sunshines new shyt) Neway deadass tho theres an intruder whose this mystery girl ?

She's such a dork 2 lol nah she a g tho she be frontin i saw her getting lite and talking bout ice cream,kitchens,kittens.

well now u know what school she goes 2 lol...
only the crew knows who she really be i thik i gotta reinform Aim tho lol he's always late on these things...Chuck quote...n I'm sorry I shud have given u a choice to decline going to the most awesomne party there are three parties coming up tho all the same weekend fri-sund different spots i think its the last week in june and the first week in july so das six parties lol.(holla at me AIM)

Back to this intruder, Damn!!!!....I hope this isn't what they call infatuation. I dead kick it wit this joint like Judo and now she takin ova my thoughts oh no...damn this ia afta i told people i was gone be on my bachelor flow lol...who knows ima chill for a min but she is mos def on the tops list of joints i'd go in on. I go in so opposite of soft lol bout to hit her up. Lol here goes the singing voice....I like her yes I do,... I crawl through fire just for yooouuuu I just hope you never ask me tooooo cause then ima be hot like my rhymes

lol bout to hit her up dead ass tho peacington

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hell yea

I love this song

You know I had an awesome weekend and the way things where going I really needed one. My spectacular weekend started off in an unlikely place...Me and my pops was chilling in a Jimbo's and we talked...and we kinda got to know and understand each other a bit which felt good. Then something weird happened he gave me $ 700 bucks...YES!!!! lol I went shopping bought like three pairs of sneakes four pairs of jeans and a whole bunch of shorts.

After that we copped some movies from Block buster and watched it on the huge flat screen... Good day but the next dat was even betta...

It's Sunday about 6:30 p.m and Mont a.k.a Dj Spa hit me up and he asked if I could be dressed in like 25 mins to go to a party in Long Island

DJ SPA & Court

I knew I was in there I got dressed it was a formal so it was all good suit tie vest Fedora YEEEAAA!!!! sorry Terrence woulda invited u but u was at work and i got invited last minute.OMG that party was live like it was alot of estrogen in the room them girls was so bad i thought we all was in hell lol.

The dudes serving the drinks was mad cool to like they knew i was underage and they hooked a nigga up I had 2 screwdriver,a shirley temple(non-alcholic),vanila vodka and coke, and a shot of petrone YEAA!!! There was peeps from T-Dot,ATL,New Jersey,Ny,and Florida...The place look like a scence from The Roc Boys but the party was like Green Lights I had to much fun...Bagged two spanish joint, Mont got this ill caribean joint wit the jumbo cake and Court and Chaz bagged these hella thick joints from New Jersey, Chaz girlfreind is gonna be tight lol.

John Legend “Green Light” Featuring Andre 3000 NEW MUSIC VIDEO

Lol To much fun but something also happened before the party that was blog worthy...Ight we was wit Tenisha, and Michelle and they had to pick up one of they freinds deep downtown...So its around the time where afternoon becomes night and the sky was purplish pink which was cool because you could really see the stars. So I looked out the window out of the whip we was in and as looked up like I could see all the tall skyscrapers and as soon as I looked up jadakiss ft. Mary J. Blidge Grind Hard played from my Zune and I got ultra inspired.Like looking at the scenerey being dressed up in the whip and hearing the hook "we grind hard to play harder" like all the shit I was going through or went through would be all worth it when I make it. I was gone say if but I got to much skill and talent not to grind hard and make it... That momemnt was almost as good as the party minus the almpst assured car accident following Tenisha almost caused us to get in...I really thought it was over we was in a ditch and everything but thas anotha stiry for anotha time lol.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dr.Jeckle and Mr. Hyde

What goes up must come down pretty much describes the type of day I had. It starts off normal and then went straight to Hel00l.Then when things are normal again i have to access the damage that happend when i was in Hell. You dont follow hmmm I wake up thank god for another day (Good). I then fall off my bed hit my head and break my glasses (Bad). I take a shower (good). A cold shower no hot water in the Pj's (BAD). I see Chuck get snuffed on worldstar (mad plays by the way das a record amount of plays in such a short time WTF).I finsh writing the last track to my mixtape. (good). I go to the studio and due to bullshyt the studio is closed indefinately (WTF UGLY). I'm mad hungry I go to this Chiken N Waffle's joint drop twenty five bucks on food for me and my dude (cool). I later regretted that because the food tasted like strawberry infected vagina (nasty). I go home play a game of 2k9 wit my Dj he bussed my ass then my 2k9 broke (tite). Still hungry cause I aint finsh my food check the fridge no food...dead tite shoulda spent that twenty five on some food for the house, its cool tho I got bread was gone get some chinese but then they started shootin so I was like CHILL.... I'm bored alone and tired of living under the law of my parents but it's either there way or the highway (smh sigh) so I'm alone in my room day dreaming about some good ass pussy and a vacation I get a call from My nigga Court and he got vacation plans but I aint got no bread ( not yet bout to hit the block chill)...well ok pussy is free never should have to pay for that...I start a few cconvos wit a few joints but it dosent happen I'm officially fucking tite...seen star trek for free( cool) missed rehearsal for The rapathon...SMH

Ok i kno... i kno... I just threw a bitch fit but I just had to get this shyt off my chest. Im good, im good. Now I'ma meditate and go into my zen like mindstate...I dont think listening to Eminime's Relapse is helping so I may switch To jadakiss The last Kiss and do wild push ups. By the way I'm getting brolic I feel the muscles coming in ima deck the dog shyt out of somebody or fuck the shyt out of some model looking chick by the way them pics of rihanna and cassie are official that made everything betta lol ... no I didnt whack off I just admired the beauty and the booty lol peace.

Ima jus comeback harder

Monday, May 18, 2009

Long timne no blog

I actually wrote a blog a minute ago but my internet did some wildness when I typed it and it somehow didnt save. Afta that weirdness happened I just wasn't in blog mode for a minute...since I aint got no music up yet i jus figure i'd give a shout to out to my mixtape the Three train it should be finsihed this the way this friday ima put up six songs to the additional songs on my page enjoy my second mixtape is droppin on my b-day NOvember ninth its called Blackout...iv'e benn drinking lol love happy hour by the way at bars, and lounges I been pimpin anyway check out some of the tune and be sure to comeback on friday cause I been going in for ya the fans and for the love...ugh oh I feel a Drake quote "The cars, the money, the hoes."

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Poetry flow

reserved,mild tempered, relaxed,

Im finished playing stupid
while these fools play the same game
then they fuss and complain
i laugh and attain
peace of mind

I have finnally submitted to truth...the definition of stupid

1. Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.
2. Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.
3. Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless.

"When I was a child I spoke as a child I understood as a child I thought as a child; but when I became a man I put away childish things." I look at some of my fellow associates and realize I cannot surround myself with people who are unfoucused,have no purpose, or enslave themselves to things and people who do not allow them to grow.I'm officially done with the horse shit. I'm officially cutting people off and if you feel some type of way,you feel the love aint the samejust know you did it to yourself. I didn't cut you off you cut yourself off. I cant continue to allow people to slow me down, with their own insecurities, problems, and careless mistake. If you cant swim or at least make an effort to stay afloat then why should i throw you a raft? you can drown and watch me laugh as the pressure and water collapse your lungs.

Dont think i'm just talking to others I also understand that in the definition of stupid it also mentions carelssness or poor decisions, which I suffer from, but not anymore. I'm improving to be a better person and just like in Claude Brown's situation for that to happen I need to remove myself from my eniviroment and from people thas not helping me out.

"This lost boy get's fly without Peter Pan"-Drake

By the way all this anger and frustration that is transformed into aggresion is being alleviated by home girls Michelle & Keisha much love towards ya'll. I just been working out, writing songs, and thinking and I wanted to go on record and say
ya'll our both so beautiful...

so beautiful - musiq soulchild

I'm out