Saturday, October 3, 2009

Keepin it 100

Things have become so serious lately. Life is demanding from me more than im willing to give but life is giving me that mafia offer i cant refuse.If you didnt catch thatast line it's cool i just basically have to get on my grown up flow if i want to survive.I belive that Darwanism n evolution is at work. The beleif that only the strong survive and to survive one needs to be able to adapt so im adapting like a mug out here its all good tho. Rite now im trying to get rid of my bad habits like seriously women r gonna be my downfall dont belive me look at the last vid in the list of this entry...

From there i will develop

then i will have atlas in the palm of my hands

yea ima music head so its the best way to express myself im hittin up that black party i hope its gonna be like