Thursday, May 11, 2017

Y.Rome's Retired but his hits aint


Y.Rome's new single Retired is kicking summer 2017 off right...With a mixtape and an album dropping in 2017 "Days Before 4Eva" &;"" YR4Eva" respectively. Y.Rome leaves a mark wherever he goes usually chilling with your favorite industry artist.The grind pays off and their are rumors that major labels like Warner Music Group might be interested in his talents.Y.Rome has been taking his time to hone and perfect his craft with his Splitzville label mates and  has put the business of music first leaving some of the ladies wanting more of his free time...

Y.Rome is temporarily retired from pimping but he definitely hasn't retired from blazing the studios across the world...Peep the single below as the ladies hope his retirement last as long As Jordan in his prime or HOV when he transitioned from The Black Album to Kingdome Come...P.S There's a rumor floating around that Y.Rome might do a remix of Retired with local heat maker K Zeus....more info on that as it comes...

-- Blaine

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